16 fantastic free business tools to make your life easier


Free accounts software, password management, online concept boards and much more. Everything you need when running your small business empire.

Being your own boss is always going to be a bit scary but don’t panic; there are loads of really super-helpful online business tools designed with you in mind.


Here’s our pick of the best:


business moonfruit widgets apps toolsGot a great name for your business?

Well, before you get all those business cards printed, do make sure that it hasn’t already been taken with this database of logos, trademarks and slogans.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsPretty much every service you use online requires a password, and using the same password all the time just isn’t safe enough any more (we’re looking at you Heartbleed).

That’s where LastPass comes in. With their software, you can securely store and manage every password you create, so you never have to worry about forgetting which login to use again.



business moonfruit widgets toolsKeep track of expenses, generate business reports and create invoices, with this great accounts package.

It’s also a cloud-based service, so you can access and edit your financial documents on several devices.



business moonfruit widgets apps tools“Never type receipt details again. Unlimited receipt upload. Storage and auto-association of receipts to expenses”…That’s what they promise and that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Another great program for creating and managing your finances.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsYep, one more accounts app in need of your attention, however, this one is specifically designed for the smaller businesses.

Definitely worth taking a look.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsNeed to allow customers to book an appointment, holiday or just schedule your own time? Well, you’re in luck with BookingBug.

This online software allows you to add a secure and customised booking form to any website. They even send out appointment reminders to your clients, eliminating those pesky no-shows.



Access files from your PC, laptop and mobile phone with this free, file sharing app.

Basically, you store files in a Dropbox account, which can then be edited on all of your devices. So, if you work on a file on your laptop, any changes you save will synchronise on your PC and mobile. There is a limit to the storage space, but you can upgrade to a paid version if you need to.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsProject manage your business to within an inch of its life with Trello, the free application for creating work boards, lists, cue cards, setting reminders and a whole lot more. Perfect for organising work, events and ideas.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsSo much more than an email service, MailChimp lets you create customised and branded newsletters and provides you with detailed reports on how they go down with your audience. A good way to improve how you talk to your clients.

business moonfruit widgets apps toolsVisualise and collate your ideas with this online white board. Ideal for preserving your creative output following a productive brainstorm session.


Google Analytics

business moonfruit widgets apps toolsKeep track of who’s visiting your site, when they visit and where they come from with this essential statistics service from Google.

It can help you gauge just who your potential clients/customers are and give you an insight into how best to target them.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsManage all your social accounts in one place, schedule releases and view statistics on how your posts are being received.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsFind out more about your Twitter followers, how impactful your tweets are and seek out new people to link up with this strangely named, but really useful application.

Nicely presented and easy to understand, you can even compare your statistics to that of your rivals.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsCreate polls and surveys to find out more about your clients and learn from the feedback with SurveyMonkey.

There are 15 different question ‘types’ to choose from and all forms can be customised to include branding.



business moonfruit widgets apps toolsGreat for making long-distance calls, conference calls and video chats. It’s also free, which is going to save you a whole load of cash. Check it out here.




business moonfruit widget apps toolsKeep all your contacts and social links in one place, so you can instantly get in touch with them by phone, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc…

It’s also a great way of expanding your network.

So, there you go. Have a play around, and all the best! Oh and when you do become massively successful, remember who gave you a helping hand.

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Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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2 Responses to “16 fantastic free business tools to make your life easier”

  1. Lisa

    Really great tips. Unfortunately, the trademark company is very US-centric. The prices for us over the pond are crazy high! I’ll have to pass on that one. Thanks for the well rounded information.

  2. Liz Cannon

    Great info Moonfruit team. UK centric but definitely the best free software for hotels/B&Bs is – bookings, diary mgmt, reports, reviews and more. For a small cost direct links to laterooms, expedia, etc. FreetoBook is stunning


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