Blogging, why bother?

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With our brand spanking new v6 blog now live (hurrah!), we thought it was an apt time to think about the whole blogging shebang in general. Here, we give six reasons how it can boost your website and promote your business.

But first… a sad story. If you’re reading this on a mobile or tablet, maybe you should have a seat.

Take your average blog. To its writer, it’s magical at first; they tell it nearly everything, it’s given loads of attention and regular health (well, analytic) checks.

Three months later, the novelty has worn off. It becomes neglected, alone, ignored and helpless in the world (wide web).

Now replace ‘blog’ with ‘puppy’. Sniff. I know, I know. It’s okay, take a moment.

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But it doesn’t have to be like that. A healthy blog can be a great additional tool to get your big idea out there in new ways. Tell your story openly, regularly and with passion and others will want to hear more. Blog it and they will come.

Here are six reasons why we think blogging is a top way to improve your website (and company if you have one).

1. Updates visitors

Let’s start with the bread and butter. Got a new product? Great, tell people! Have an opinion on an industry change. Write it up! Something irks you? Let ‘em know. Updates to your core website aren’t always obvious to onlookers, a blog however is a quick way for visitors to find out what’s new with you.

2. Helps you focus

The best blog posts have at least a little planning before writing. Blogging helps you think about your idea in new ways, what your values are, how you want to say it and what you hope the reaction will be. This pause for thought (and research) gives more precision to your personal or business goals.

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3. Adds to your creativity

Leave dry essays for the classroom, blogs should be informative, creative and fun! If not, you probably won’t want to update it that often and few will probably want to read it. Tell your unique story your way and have a great time doing it.

4. Drives people to your site for free

Site traffic, that’s the point, isn’t it? Regular blog posting means your website is constantly updated and search engines will love you for it. If there are more of your pages around – with great content and search engine optimisation – you’re more likely to be found by visitors.

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5. Makes you credible

Blogs are a great way to show what you stand for. Why do it? Because credibility is a fundamental reason we all return to websites. Be open, show integrity; no one is going to invest any time (never mind money) on something they don’t really trust.

6. Learn what visitors want

Reader comments give a fresh perspective on what you do as others see your idea or business. The greatest idea to some could be crock to others; a blog is a great way to put the feelers out. Share ideas, debate theories. Whether it’s praise or good ol’ criticism, blog comments are a top method to hear what customers and visitors are looking for.

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And that’s six, got any more? Let us know below! Click here to find out how to add a blog to your v6 site.

Want to start a free website today? Here’s how!

Marcel Reinard
Senior content producer

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