‘I don’t have enough experience’ – What’s stopping you?

We’re taking a look at some of the main reasons for not starting or growing a business. This time it’s lack of experience.

What experience do you need?

Smarta reckons not knowing enough about the industry, worries about making the product or service, not having enough qualifications and not having enough business experience concern many new businesspeople. Fortunately, the business advice site gives tips on how to gain more knowledge on each.

And Standout Jobs founder Ben Yoskovitz reckons his HR business would have launched more smoothly if he had properly understood the industry. Eventually he just hired someone who did.

Business mentoring

If hiring isn’t an option, think back to your old contacts and suppliers. Perhaps someone could offer a bit of extra industry or business planning mentoring. Take a look at our guide on finding a mentor here.

And there’s nothing wrong with going back to basics, if you feel you lack formal production or service experience. UK-based Hot Courses covers most officially recognised training.

Do you even need it?

Actually you can start a business with little or zero experience, writes Amy Reinink. Arguably, she reckons, a new entrepreneur can succeed through mainly using good research.

Check out Dee Blick speaking about market research on our ‘How to launch a startup business’ video. In it, she explains testing the product or service, learning about your target audience, and comparing and positioning yourself against competitors are the three most important areas to work on.



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