Video: How to launch a startup business from scratch

Starting a business isn’t always difficult, as long as a little planning is in place. But don’t take our word, we checked out The Business Show to ask industry experts how they’d get a small startup company up and running.

1. Market research

Dee Blick (The Marketing Gym) advises there are three aspects to focus on to make sure you get it all sewn up: look at your competitors, know your audience and test the product. She also has a tip on getting cheap research, if you want more drilled down numbers.

2. Business planning

This is one of the most vital steps to do prior to starting a business, says Nima Kafai (Smarta). Work out whether there’s a place for you in the market, how much it will cost to set up and think about what you’ll need to grow in the future. Smarta’s website has tons of information on making a plan. There are also a few legal considerations to consider (such as checking no one else has a smiliar business name).

3. Finance

If your idea is the kind that needs money, there are many alternatives than just asking your bank manager. Doug Richard (School for Startups) believes there are three main sources today.

4. Pitching

Have you seen Dragons’ Den? Well there’s also pitching to angel investors. Bill Morrow (Angels Den) gives some hints on how you should prepare.

5. Create a website

Of course, you’ll need to make a website if you want to market your company locally and around the world. Whether you’ve a product or service, people need to know what you do. Try building a site for free with Moonfruit.

6. Get seen on search engines

Though the best idea and greatest website design in the world won’t get you far if it isn’t search engine optimised. Justin Deaville (Receptional) speaks about what’s needed to get seen and ranked higher on Google. Visit The Business Show‘s website for more on the UK’s biggest business exhibition. 

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