Running a business from home? This government announcement may interest you

Running a business from home

In a bid to make running a business from home simpler and encourage more people to do it, the government has announced a package of measures that addresses planning regulation, rented housing and business rates.

While that may sound a bit dry, it should make a real difference.

Firstly, new business rates guidance will clarify that in the majority of cases, home-based businesses will not need to pay business rates.

Secondly, updated planning guidance will clarify that planning permission is not normally needed to run a business from home.

And, thirdly, running a business from a rented home will be made simpler, due to legal changes that should mean landlords will not feel their residential tenancy agreements are undermined. A new model tenancy agreement will also be made available shortly.

The news was announced last Friday at a summit run at London’s Somerset House by our friends over at Enterprise Nation, attended by none other than prime minister David Cameron.

“Supporting home businesses is not a tangent to our long-term economic plan. It is a very key part of our long-term economic plan,” he said. “Some people think of home-based businesses as small cottage industries – when in fact 70 per cent of all new businesses are now started at home.”

According to government figures, the 2.9million home-based businesses in the UK contribute £300bn to the economy, and about 70% of new businesses start off in the home.

For more information on this announcement visit the dedicated page on Enterprise Nation

Are you part of this movement? How will these changes affect you? Will it encourage you to take the plunge and start that business after all? Let us know by commenting below.

And look out for more news about Moonfruit and Enterprise Nation coming soon, including ways you can get involved…

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