Cooeee! We think you might be missing something…

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It’s come to our attention that some of y’all are missing out on our newsletter. Say what?! This really is sad news to our ears. But, have no fear, we can sign you right back up.


Opt out of email comms back when you first created your account? Unsubscribe some time ago?


We don’t know what happened, but frankly, it doesn’t really matter. Leave your email address in the comments below and we’ll make sure you receive the next issue.


Before you say it, no, it’s not just another promotional email clogging up your inbox, weighing you down, something to be deleted before giving it a chance.


Quite the contrary, for in it we cater specifically for you, our lovely customers, with a smorgasbord of things we think you’ll like or benefit from, hot off the press. And it’s but once a month.


Be the first to hear about software updates, helpful guides, our latest inspirational business interviews, competitions and the like.


Don’t believe us? Here’s a selection from the last few months.


campaign moonfruit newsletter


So, what’s your email address then..? Send it to me on and I’ll add you to our list.


And be quick – the next issue’s on its way soon…



Vicki Shiel
Editor at Moonfruit. Likes food and smoothies.

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5 Responses to “Cooeee! We think you might be missing something…”

  1. haley

    I’m loving your options and will be starting a website with you next week. I already have a website and will transfer my domain name. Being a novice with a web designer taking care of everything up till now i’m hoping there’s help getting everything transferred since I am already searchable with google and been around for 4 years.

    Thanks so much for the wealth of information available here


    • Steven

      Hi Karen,

      You should be receiving newsletters still. I’ve turned them off then back on again in your account, just to make sure.

      Cheers, Steven


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