Moonfruit at Boxpark: We’re open!

campaign moonfruit boxpark shoreditch

Want to see other customers’ handiwork? Longing to learn more about business social media? For three months, we’re over at Boxpark in east London to show off what some of you guys make and do, host a few workshops and generally make some noise about our website builder.


We’ll be giving talks on things that can stump hands old and new to website building (like Google Analytics, search engine optimisation and getting the best from your writing).


campaign moonfruit boxpark shoreditch


Customers have been shipping in some of their products so there’ll be a bundle of furniture, clothes, homeware, and gift items to check out (and buy online) too.


campaign moonfruit bopark shoredtich


And, of course, we’ll be showing how easy it is to make a website with Moonfruit and bring your passion to life online.


campaign moonfruit boxpark shoredtich


Keep an eye out on our Moonfruit at Boxpark website for updates.




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