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Wed, 12 Feb 2014


Wed, 12 Feb 2014, 11:08

My KickStart Experience, by Chloe Wright

Heard about our new KickStart ‘build it for me’ service yet? Fancy giving it a try? Chloe Wright did, and she was so chuffed with her new website that she felt the need to write a little story about her experience, what with her being a writer and all.


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Wed, 14 Aug 2013


Wed, 14 Aug 2013, 14:02

My Moonfruit Experience: The HappyWoofs Deli and Shop

The HappyWoofs Deli and Shop is part of the HappyWoofs brand dog grooming and boarding business based in Cheshire. Here Mirko, the guru behind HappyWoof’s three websites, shares the team’s Moonfruit Experience – complete with adorable snaps of their four-legged friends too of course.


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Fri, 5 Jul 2013


Fri, 5 Jul 2013, 13:24

My Moonfruit Experience: AIN Photography

Angela Niman is an amateur photographer based in Manchester. Having recently held her first solo exhibition, the list of accolades for her work continues to grow. Here she shares her Moonfruit experience and how it has contributed to this success.


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Mon, 25 Feb 2013


Mon, 25 Feb 2013, 17:16

My Moonfruit Experience: Florie Willow

FlorieWillow-blog1.png Recycled crockery might not be the first material that comes to mind when you think about jewellery design, but it's certainly an original one.

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Fri, 16 Nov 2012


Fri, 16 Nov 2012, 16:05

My Moonfruit Experience: SugarFix Creative

With its candy-themed graphics and colouring, you’d be forgiven for thinking SugarFix Creative was something to do with cakes. Creator Maggie Taylor acknowledges this with a smile: “We don’t make cakes, but we do create great cake websites!”


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Thu, 20 Sep 2012


Thu, 20 Sep 2012, 11:59

My Moonfruit Experience: Anthony Mayatt

Within the Moonfruit community a great diversity of sites are created: sites for businesses, online shops, blogs, sites dedicated to many users hobbies, interests and numerous others. This month Anthony Mayatt who has created sites with us for both his personal training business and his photography hobby shares his Moonfruit experience.


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Mon, 20 Aug 2012


Mon, 20 Aug 2012, 16:40

My Moonfruit Experience - Goose Home & Garden

Here at Moonfruit we are very community focused and we like to learn about our users and their experiences with us. We decided to share what we discovered about Paul and Sarah Kingston, owners of Goose Home and Garden, a beautiful vintage homeware site which recently won our Site of the Week competition.

Moonfruit experience_Home&Garden

The couple have been running their business from their shop unit and through various fairs in the south of England for over 20 years. However, they recently decided to embrace technology and the 21st century and set up an online store in order to reach customers from further afield. They began building their website 6 months ago, and it took them 2 months to complete it, working around their busy early morning hunts through antique fairs in England and France.

oonfruit experience_Home&Garden_multi

The pair decided on Moonfruit after looking at various do-it-yourself website builders as they believed that Moonfruit gave the most flexible options. They had a clear idea of how they wanted the design of the site to end up, i.e. a vintage style which reflected the look of their products. Paul was the primary designer and liked how Moonfruit allowed the user to build their own pages and also mix them with the present template pages. The couple confirm that the whole design process was very straightforward and enjoyable, finding the editing tools easy to use. They did encounter the odd frustrating moments along the way too, which they openly admit were down to their limited computer knowledge, but the response from friends and family has made all their effort worthwhile. Everyone has been extremely positive, comments Sarah, mentioning that some were shocked when the couple revealed that they had built and designed it themselves, simply because of how professional it looked.

The couple affirm that they have really enjoyed their design experience and now feel like they are part of the Moonfruit community that has been established over the years. The duo revealed how the Support page's Forum was especially useful in helping to create their site, reading what other users have said to find answers to their questions and they also mention that the interaction on the social media pages has been quick and friendly.

Moonfruit experience_Home&Garden_site

So, what do the pair think of us overall? Paul and Sarah said that they would happily recommend Moonfruit to anyone thinking of building their own site, which is very high praise indeed! Check out their website at If you would like to share your very own Moonfruit experiences with us, please feel free to get in touch by emailing