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Photography websites

Tips and inspiration for showing off your photography.

What makes a good photography focused website?

Well, good photography for a start (duh), but how you share your masterpieces is pretty important too. You want a website that is in itself stylish, but doesn’t dull the impact of the pictures that people have come to see.

Now, if only there were some really good examples to show you. Oh, hang on…

They pushed the boundaries of web design to create sites that are both practical and passionate about photography.

Say hello to our favourite photography fixated Moonfruiters:

Lucca Photography

Lucca Photography

Lucca Messer pretty much always knew he was going to be a professional photographer. His clean portfolio website means the focus remains on his stunning images and manipulation of light and colour.


Snooty Fox

Snooty Fox

Aunt and nephew team, Meriet Duncan and Leo Holden are commercial and editorial portrait photographers.

Their noted celebrity portraiture has been published in the international press and within numerous magazines. They have also photographed celebrity calendars, provided photography for album artwork, websites and for television press and publicity.

Again, the site is clean, sharp and precise in its presentation.

Note: Snooty Fox has now moved to a new provider.

Carly Marie North

Carly Marie North

Carly says she became interested in photography in the ‘usual’ way. Or to use her own words…

“Girl meets boy. Girl marries boy. Girl and boy have children.

Girl thinks children are the most gorgeous children ever and must take copious amounts of pictures of most gorgeous children ever.

Girl becomes frustrated by poorly composed and ill lit images of most gorgeous children ever.”

So, was born a love that has launched her from amateur to professional.

Light, friendly, and just a little bit quirky. Her site is lovely to
look at, but never overwhelms the photographs it showcases.

Ian Reed Photography


Drawing on his experience  as a watercolour artist  has given Ian Reed’s photogrpahy a unique insight into the use of colour and composition.

His rich works are complimented by the stark darkness of his webpage.

Philip King Photography

Philip King

When not working for the NHS, Phil can be found roaming the great outdoors using a range of styles to capture the seasons.

He now sells prints of his work through a great looking website.

Loving Creativity


A portrait photographer, Silje Fagervik Dean describes her style as “urban & journalistic”.

“I put time and consideration into props & surroundings, so that you can have pictures like no one else.”

On her site you can easily navigate through several, sharp galleries worth of work.

Love It Studios

Love It Studios

Love It Studios offer everything from family portraits to head shots and commercial photography.

Professional and well organised for their customers.

Miss Poppy Cakes

Miss Poppy Cakes

Of course you don’t have to be providing a photography service, to know how to get the best out of your images.

‘Miss Poppy Cakes’ offer a wide range of fresh cakes, organic coffee, fresh juices & smoothies. They also appear to moonlight in photography and web design.

Packed with colour and perfectly laid out. They manage to create great character and tone through the pictures of their products.

Michele Lee

Michele Lee

Make-up artist and hair stylist Michele Lee’s minimalist website makes sure you’re entirely focused on the subjects in her photography.

A case of less, definitely being more.

Digi Boy Design


Through design, art, film, music and photography, Digiboy has worked on projects and pitches for clients such as Channel 4, ITV, MTV, The Brits, Medical Records (Kilto Take) and PepsiCo, to name a few.

Again, he relies on a toned down platform, for his striking imagery.

…So, ,what do you think? Any sites we have missed out that should be on this list? Feel free to share your suggestions in the comments section.

Inspired to set up your own photography site?

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