15 business websites built with Moonfruit

14 Business websites

There are a fair few businesses out there, shouting out to the world with a Moonfruit website.

Whether they’re architects, personal trainers, graphic designer or mountain climbers, we’re proud to have played a part on their way up.

And so, we thought we’d share a selection of the finest. These websites don’t just sell a service, but an idea and ethos too.

SugarFix Creative


With its candy-themed graphics and colouring, you’d be forgiven for thinking SugarFix Creative was something to do with cakes. Creator Maggie Taylor acknowledges this with a smile: “We don’t make cakes, but we do create great cake websites!”

A marketing company with great character, SugarFix is bright, colourful and friendly, while retaining a genuine air of professionalism.

Website tip – Like SugarFix you should know your own brand and put your ideals on show. Articulate who you are and what you do before you start designing.

Outside Limits


Qualified climbing, mountaineering and skiing instructor Will Brant can take you on variety of extreme sports adventures and guide you through some of the best sights and climbs around.

Website tip – Will’s use of cool, fresh colours reflects outdoor action perfectly.

Like him, you should always choose a colour scheme before starting out, then use these colours to create your brand throughout the site.

Kreative Design Marketing


These chaps offer a wide array of affordable design, marketing and printing services for individuals, small businesses and non-profit organisations.

Website tip  – Make the background of your site stylish and part of the design, but don’t let it overwhelm your content.

Also, choose images that complement the overall style, colour, and theme of your website.

Crate 47


Crate 47 specialise in bringing together creative minds from various areas of the media to work on specific projects. A kind of ‘Avengers’ super-team to fulfil all your design needs.

Website tip – Make your home page intriguing. Tease the site content, giving out just enough information to make the visitor continue browsing.

Doozy Media


The place to go for functional, innovative video content. Working in motion graphics and film production, Doozy are all about telling your story in a way that best engages your target audience.

Website tip – Communicating the character of your business through your site is essential. Doozy use  quirky, icons to get their personality across.



Another creative design company creating nice things (flyers, business cards and websites).

Website tip – Less is definitely more here. Bdzine make good use of space and minimal but expertly applied flourishes of a modern design aesthetic.

Ruth Thorp Studio


Ruth is also a designer, creator and artist with a passion for pattern, colour, sewing and craft.

Her work often places a strong focus on complex colours combined with bold graphics, both hand-drawn and vector based, that are clean, well-considered and hold a sense of fun and energy.

Website tip – Ruth brings an obvious arts and craft feel to her website design, which is packed with her own personality and artistic style.

Kennedy City Bicycles


Kennedy City Bicycles is an urban bicycle manufacturer.

The aim is to make the ultimate city bicycle using the right balance of reliability, beauty, practicality and value for money.

Website tip – Choose images that actually say something about your business and what your about.

Stefan Saigau: Elite personal trainer


Stefan is an award-winning personal trainer, with over two decades of experience in helping people succeed in meeting their goals.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight or gain some serious muscle, Stefan Saigau is your man.

Website tip – Use text sparingly on your homepage. Be short and concise, while getting your message across.



The driving force behind Yumi Yoga, Claire is a fully qualified yoga instructor and has been practising yoga since 1995 and teaching since 2003.

Website tip – Claire’s website is very clean and light, only using solid colours for her yoga figures. This gives us a sense of relaxation, while focusing on what she does.

This home page would work even without the title text. A great example of show, don’t tell.

Studio Seilern Architects


An international creative practice established in by Christina Seilern.

Her intent was to produce exceptional architecture that lasts, working across geographies, building sizes and typologies. Their diverse portfolio of work spans the UK, Europe and Africa.

Website tip – A collage of Christiana’s work fitted together in an intricate, ordered fashion is perfect for an architect’s website.

MDC Architecture


MDC Architecture  is an architectural practice which specialises in providing services to commercial and private clients from inception through to completion.

Website tip – If you click through to view the site, you’ll see that the central image is in fact a slideshow. A good way of having a portfolio on your home page without bombarding the visitor with visual information.

NBV Enterprise Solutions


NBV Enterprise Solutions supports people  starting their own business, or looking for assistance to grow an existing enterprise.

They offer a number of dynamic and creative services including one-to-one business advice, skill development workshops, networking activities and mentoring support.

Website tip – If you offer more than one type of service, then it will be trickier to convey everything in one page. NBV manages it well by having just four images on the home page to draw your eye to each aspect of their business, while not overwhelming you.

Professional Communication Skills


Providing learning and development training for aspiring leaders and businesses, Professional Communications delivers tailored communication seminars, webinars, coaching and consolation.

Website tip – Clean and simple with a central image of the City that suggests big business and authority.

Jamie Williams Carpentry & Joinery


Jamie Williams Carpentry & Joinery is Cheltenham’s number one bespoke cabinet maker, with over 17 years of trading.

Employing a team of craftsmen specialising in wood working, joinery, painting, 3D design and installation. They have a meticulous attention to detail and a passion for what they create.

Website tip – A simple strip across the top with a title and contact info, then let the big images of the work do the talking. Perfect.

So, feeling inspired? Take a look at the business themed website templates you could use here.

Or, if you want to dive straight in, try out our 14 day free trial.


Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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      • fams

        how we can achieve the full width background, which is different for part of the page as in
        Part of the page has an image of crates/boxes and then when you scroll down its black full width background and then white. I hope you understand my question.
        How we can set/ acheive this in moonfruit?
        if this has been done using a third party code, would you suggest one please? it looks beautiful. Thanks

        • Steven


          Unfortunately have now moved to an alternative provider. It is still not currently possible to have adaptive background images with Moonfruit.

          Cheers, Steven

    • Andy Siddons

      Hey Hassan,

      Awesome stuff. Really nice job with the layout and the easy to follow information. A great addition to our list of businesses.


  1. Steve Cummins

    Hi, my client has a WordPress built website but wants a redesign with Moonfruit as they have been advised to do so by a friend. I have never used Moonfruit to build a website and want some feedback on how good it is please.



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