7 fist pumping-ly good Moonfruit music websites


Musicians, radio DJs, music journalists and Simon Cowell fans (yep, them too) have all brought their music passion online with Moonfruit. Let’s rock on.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Well, we’re not going to argue with that. How could we with such a wealth of customers sharing their love of music through websites? Some sites were built by you guys with our free website builder, others by our in-house design and copywriting team. Here are seven of the best.


Studio Zzyzx


Recently re-built with the help of our KickStart team, Studio Zzyzx offers a multitude of audio services. The one-stop-shop for music design composes for film, TV, radio, games and online media.


Jay Marsh


Jay has been involved in the music industry since leaving school, more recently finding success in corporate and wedding entertainment. He too used KickStart to promote his latest ventures.


Roller Trio


Mercury music prize nominees Roller Trio (James Mainwaring, Luke Wynter and Luke Reddin-Williams) formed when they met at Leeds College of Music. They describe their jazz as ‘a fresh, visceral stew of conventional and experimental sounds [with] stonking riffs, thrashy noise, evocative songs and electronic soundscapes’. Nice.


Mountain Country 107.9FM


Like a bit of country? Well, head on over to Mountain Country 107.9FM  for tunes broadcasting out of Alpine, California. You can listen live (streaming links available) or take a pick from a playlist. Good looking site too.


One-On-One music


Taking on NME at their own game, this music news site covers most of the audio spectrum with equal gusto. Well laid out and professional.


Pinnell Productions


Ian Pinnell has been audio producing radio since early 2006 while volunteering for a hospital radio station. He’s now a national award-winning DJ with a business creating radio adverts, promotions and audio special effects. A man that knows his stuff and has an awesome DJ voice to prove it.


Simon Cowell Online


It’s only the biggest Simon Cowell site in the world!

Positively packed with information and the latest news about the loves-to-hated talent show judge. Well done guys.

Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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