9 arts and crafts website templates

Craft templates

Elegant arts and crafts website designs for those with crafty inclinations

Potters, painters, knitters and scribblers. Showcase your talents through these website templates designed with the artisan in mind. Simple, beautiful layouts, packed with features to bring out the best of your finest work. To take a closer look at any of these options, just click the screen shots below and choose ‘Crafts’ from the category drop down menu.


Craft template


Stitched template

Mix & Match

Mix and Match Mochi




Book Club

Book Club

Note: The next 3 templates are found in the ‘Shop’ category.

Tea Shop

Tea Shop Belissimo


Bite Me

Bite me

See anything you like?

Well, don’t forget that you can try these or any template from our large range of designs right now for free. You can also check out some crafty websites for inspiration.

And, if you have any questions, suggestions or just fancy a chat, let us know in the comments section below.

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4 Responses to “9 arts and crafts website templates”

  1. Hannah

    I used to love my moonfruit website for my personalised jewellery, but the shop feature was seriously lacking. When I started to develop my products I needed personalised options. In the end I had to go elsewhere. Such a shame after hours and hours of work on my beautiful and easy to create moonfruit site! Have you updated this yet?

  2. Jane Sergiades

    I would love to have a website but I don’t see anything for hand spinner and weavers.


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