Bad photography blues: The mistakes businesses make

Blurry wedding photography c Fauxtog & You Are Not A Photographer

We’ve all seen bad photography from salespeople. The out of focus cubic zirconia ring, the kettle with a pasty naked man reflecting on to the metal (it isn’t even a one off).

The internet is littered with low quality business imagery. And yes, some people will still buy the product or service.

Look, I’m no prude (I’ve read the Wikipedia page for 50 Shades of Grey), but given the choice between a product from a man who needs a cool breeze flowing under his body when photographing and another whose sartorial habits are unknown, I’d know which one I’d choose.

The latter in case you’re wondering.

On a very simplistic scale of ‘what makes a good website’, imagery – as part of over-arching good web design – ranks pretty high.

Why should you care? Well, 48% of people cite web design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. Plus, 94% cite bad web design (which would include photography) as the reason they mistrusted a website.

And it’s not just product producers who need to work on their images. Corporate and the service industries should be using good photos too. A photo of you and your business should convey trust. Clients should feel encouraged to come to you over your competitors.

Humans are a visual breed. The cavemen loved a drawing; now cultural trends online especially with the use of mobile devices point to fewer words and more images. In other words, a picture telling a thousand words is still very true.

With that in mind, here are a few problems industries run into when creating their website – and the Moonfruit website customers getting it right.

Professional services


What went wrong

Inappropriate pictures (world in hands), the profile photo is too small and placed in an fake identity card, plus no images accurately explain the service or website.

Accountants, insurance brokers, business to business firms and other professional services sometimes don’t give their images too much thought. But a professional and suitable appearance online and in person could be the difference between you and a competitor securing a client.

Moonfruit businesses doing it well

NBV and Professional Communication Skills


Gary Private gif using filters

Unfinished cut outs, overuse of filters, questionable use of gifs.

Actors, models and singers need to get their image right. Use the casting and professional images – but make sure they’re used well. Keep it simple.

Moonfruit Businesses doing it well

Luke Anthony and FCM Model Management

Craft, fashion and other products

Feet in shoe image -

What went wrong

A shoe sales photo with the previous owner’s feet still in them – unappealing to most.

Reflections, out of focus, context, composition. Read up on some product photography standards to help you make the sale.

Moonfruit customers doing it well 

Amy’s Shop and Sea 206 Clothing 


Dirty pipes

What went wrong

Some want to see tradespeople’s previous work – but not cracked walls and mildew. Ultimately many customers make the decision to employ you on your work ethic and history.

So handle a ‘before’ image (like this) with care. Instead, show off the best parts of your business, your work tools, your specialist knowledge, you as a person – not what you’ve found in someone’s drain.

Moonfruit customers doing it well

Jamie Williams Carpentry and Ridgeway Tourers

Estate agencies

Bedroom in kitchen c Right Move

This infamous photo never had a chance. The London ‘studio flat’ in a kitchen charging £737 per month was taken off a property aggregator site within half a day.

Moonfruit customers doing it well

Fowlers Estate Agents and Harris & Lee

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