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With the rising popularity of Instagram and the increasingly slick features available on smartphones, there is a burgeoning market for great photography apps. But how to separate the wheat from the chaff?

From creating video collages, to taking breathtaking panoramic shots, we’ve rounded up our list of the best photo apps for your smartphone.

Best for: Professional looking photos

Price: £1.49

Dubbed the ‘missing link in high-end smartphone photography’, SKRWT is more than just a photo editing app. Taking into account that smartphones have wide-angle lenses, the developers set out to create something that would allow photos taken on smartphones to look more slick – and they’ve succeeded.

With a cropping feature, wonky line correction, the ability to zoom whilst editing and an easy to use interface, the result is SLR worthy snaps that you can share on Instagram, sans filter.

best smartphone photo apps

Editing with SKRWT

Camera Zoom FX
Price: Basic Free, Premium £1.79

A favourite of tech mag and blog editors, Camera Zoom FX is the fastest shooting app available. Users can take up to 30 snaps per second (great for action shots). Use it to do a slew of things you wouldn’t be able to otherwise: crop and edit images, tap to shoot and focus, alter the white balance and ISO levels.

Upgrading to Premium allows access to things like silent shooting modes and a shot timer.

Best for: Retouching

TouchRetouch (also for Android)
iOS and Android
Price: £0.69 for iPhone, £0.59 for Android

Ever wanted to erase things magically with your finger? TouchRetouch lets you do just that, at least where your smartphone photos are concerned. Use your finger to select items in photos you want removed and then make them vanish.

Photobombers beware.

Best for: Lighting

Price: £1.49

Lighting can make or break a photograph, so we love this app from BrainFeverMedia. LensLight allows you to apply different lighting effects (including Light Leaks, Rainbow Effects and Spotlights) to your pictures.

The genius of the app lies in the design: whereas other apps use static layers, LensLight effects are dynamic, meaning you feel like you’re shooting with a real camera lens.

Best for: Panoramic

360 Panorama
Price: £0.69

360 Panorama lets you take shots and instantly share them with your friends and family on any computer (no app required). Simply pan the camera and the app will stitch the images together seamlessly.

It also tags your photos with GPS.

Photaf Panorama Pro
Price: Free for Basic, £2.99 for Pro

Boasting automatic image stitching and an orientation sensor that calculates the exact angle that each image was taken at, this app creates visually stunning panoramic shots.

There is a basic free version but we’re partial to the Pro one if only to get rid of the ads and get access to HD Mode. Once you’ve taken your pictures, upload them to or share them on Facebook.

Best for: Collages

Price: Free

A favourite with celebs and businesses, PicPlayPost allows you to easily create and then customise video, photo and GIF collages. With a range of image and video filters the ability to share instantly on your favourite social networks, this is one app you don’t want to miss.

Price: Free

VidStitch for Android offers a free and easy way to seamlessly stitch videos and photos together in collages. These can then be easily shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

You can also create animated GIFs and if you upgrade to the Pro version, you can add your own tunes.

Best for: Fun/special effects

Price: £1.49

Made by the same camp that brought the world Hipstamatic, IncrediBooth is essentially a photo booth in your pocket. Turn on the app, gather your friends, watch the countdown and strike a pose.

Your photo strip is available on your phone immediately after and you can add different effects before sharing on Facebook, Twitter or via email.

Price: £1.99

‘Your Pix, brewed perfectly.’ This quirky app adds a touch of whimsy to your pictures by creating a mosaic like effect over them. Simply import your chosen photo to the app or take a new one – then get ready to Grind, Brew and Serve, adjusting the countless options to change the look and feel of your snap.

With so many apps out there focusing solely on vintage and sepia effects, this one really perked us up.


Percolate your pictures

Paper Camera
Price: £1.49

Ever wanted to turn your life into a cartoon? You can now, in real time, using Paper Camera. This app allows you to apply stylish and quirky effects to your videos or pictures, while you’re shooting. You can also add special effects to existing photos and then share your cartoon-ified life with family and friends.

Got a favourite photo app? Share it with us in the comments below!

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