No-cost creativity: Fonts, logos and other free design tools

fonts, logos and other free design tools

This one’s for anyone wanting to stretch themselves: Moonfruit designers Ailin and Alex lay down websites for free fonts, icons and inspiration.


For free downloadable fonts to use as part of a logo, look to Font Squirrel. If nothing there is suitable for your style but you’ve seen something on a different website, copy and paste the URL into’s What The Font page to find out its name.

Ailin says: “Choosing the right font is essential. What are you trying to get across? If it’s jewellery you probably want something elegant, like a handwriting-style.”


The Noun Project has free glyph icons, many of which are free to use if the creator is credited, to be used around your site or possibly as part of a wider logo.

Alex says: “When using or creating icons and logos, think about who your target audience is. The ‘hipster-retro’ style follows one type of design that is trendy now – doesn’t mean it’s suitable for who’s visiting your site.”



Site Inspire includes top quality web design examples. Behance and Design Inspiration work more like social media platforms for creatives.

Alex says: “Design is always changing so we use sites like these to see what other designers are working on all over the world.

“Maybe you’ve a problem with your design and aren’t sure how to fix it. These sorts of sites might help you if you’re a bit stuck.

“Behance in particular has a good social network for designers, photographers, illustrators and filmmakers. It’s full of creative people.”



Pick colour schemes for your site with Adobe Kuler or use the set palettes by clicking on the ‘Explore’ top tab.

To add the colours to your website, choose a palette, press edit, note the ‘Hex’ codes (six figures made up of numbers and letters) and paste into the relevant SiteMaker colour Hex code box.

“Alex says: “People identify with colours in different ways – try to be aware of how people may react to it. Orange, say, can be a warning but it can also mean cheerful, accessible or budget (Fanta, EasyJet, Amazon).

“I’d say choose three main colours for your website with a couple of secondary colours very occasionally used for contrast.”

Try using some of these tips on a free Moonfruit website…or see more of ourdesign posts.

Marcel Reinard

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  1. Lloyd

    I own this website, but I don’t have the freedom of doing what I wanted so I I wonder if you can give me some advice on building or build it for me? I would like one that people can make application and buy online?

    • Amita Parikh

      Hi Lloyd,
      You can set up a shop to sell products online if you wish. For more information please submit a support ticket to our technical team.


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