Creative Moonfruit Website Award and thank you to Twitter, Twitterers and Moonfruiters

Following on from the incredible range of creative and humorous responses you sent in, we decided to give out one last prize, an 11th macbook pro for the most creative Moonfruit website. Again the diversity and calibre of the websites produced have been impressive.

Thank you to all Twitterers and Moonfruiters old and new for engaging in this campaign with such enthusiasm, creativity and large injections of humour! We’ll continue to chat to you about our new product innovations, things you’re up to and interesting design stuff. We’d also like to continue doing a variety of creative projects with you in areas you are passionate about. We have some ideas brewing but if you have any suggestions they would be very welcome!

We’d also like give one big thankyou to Twitter itself. Without their boundary breaking, communication platform, this would not have been possible.

As explained in our previous blog “We’ll pick the site that is most true to its stated objective and inspires us as a great example of what a website can do. Build it about something you’re passionate about and are interested in.”

People put a lot of effort and thought into their sites and to be fair to everyone we thought we should explain the process we’ve been through to choose the winner(s).

A team of three, Kevin our lead designer, ‘Web Guy’ Dan and myself sat down and looked through every entry. We then chose our favourite 30 with a bit of wrangling, our top 10 with a lot of arguing and hair pulling and finally we chose a winner … thankfully unanimously!


WINNER: Creative Moonfruit Website


creative madewithmoonfruit




madewithmoonfruit competition socialmedia




madewithmoonfruit competition socialmedia



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