How it’s done: Creating animated banners

Flashing, jumping, bounding across the screen with grace and poise. How the heck do you create an animated banner? Well, Moonfruit customer, radio DJ and audio auteur Ian Pinnell gives the lowdown on putting jiggle in your wibble (ummm….website).

So use the free tool from BannerSnack and stick the code in our HTML snippet widget. We’ve more on adding third party features to Moonfruit websites over on this guide.

Got a talent or trade secret you want us to feature? Perhaps like Ian’s example, it’s an aspect of your website? It could also be something everyday like making the perfect roast dinner, repairing an old pair of jeans or taking product photos. If you’ve an idea, write it in the comment section below with a link to your Moonfruit site.

We’ve lots of other videos over on our YouTube channel – head over to pick up some business tips, tutorials and inspirational stories. No, cats though, just an adorable dog with a chew toy.

If you haven’t got a Moonfruit website, you’re missing out on some lovely freeness. Go on, give it a go.

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