#flymeto Creative website competition Winner and Top 10

Fly me to Tokyo

Oooo this was a toughy. There was a flurry of entries on Friday from people who’ve clearly spent some time working on their #flymeto websites for the chance to win the last set of tickets to their dream destination. It’s been a pretty tough decision going through them all and working out who the winner is. In fact too tough. So we’ve decided to give prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places…


1st prize of a $3500 holiday to Tokyo Japan from the UK!

@SimonCwaller: Hi chaps, here is my entry for the #flymeto competition. I hope you enjoy it!


#flymeto Creative website competition Winner and Top 10


 1st runner up:

2nd prize that we made up because it was too hard to pick. These guys will get $2000 towards their trip, which will hopefully nearly get them there.

@netscribe – @moontweet #flymeto where the cherry blossoms bloom.


creative competition madewithmoonfruit socialmedia twitter


2nd runner up:

Winner of a shiny new ipod touch.

@tom_hayward: @moontweet #flymeto my updated NYC Site for the contest, thanks.

creative competition madewithmoonfruit socialmedia twitter


@sweet_teets: @moontweet Here is my website design for the game of skill: #flymeto


@Timiwriter: @moontweet #flymeto Japan check out my website while I was eating #moonfruit


@ auntiedragon Despite the lovely snow it’s still dark and depressing. I wonder if @moontweet would make this come true:


@philimobi: @moontweet #flymeto Thailand, one country, million reasons to visit, check my site


@49Chen @moontweet. Please #flymeto Sydney, even though I’ve written a website about New York.


@jenngw: @moontweet My love letter to the place I’d like you to #flymeto: London. I had a blast making the site! Thanks!


@jonathanwthomas: @moontweet Right-o, here’s the awesome website I created for the contest: – can you confirm my entry? #flymeto


@SparkleFreak here’s the final product of my site:) #flymeto Hollywood, CALI


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this competition over the past week. We’ve loved your responses, humour and creativity. If we could we’d #flyyouall to see us



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