How-to: Add falling snow to your website

Snow Website

We’ve whipped up a quick guide for adding falling snow to your website in a flash – no coding experience necessary! This guide is for responsive pages – it will also work on standard pages however will only show in the targeted area covered by the snippet box.


First up, copy the entire code in the box below:



All credits for the code go to Nicky Christensen although it was slightly modified to fit our editor.


To add the effect to a responsive page:

  • Go to the responsive page you’d like to add it to.
  • Add an HTML snippet to any column using this guide.
  • Paste the code in the right sidebar and click ‘Apply’. Then save your changes.
  • Click ‘View my site’ in the top right to preview the effect (it won’t show in edit mode!).


And there you have it! If you’d like some more creative ideas check out this post, where we share some great resources to design your seasonal website graphics.


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