Photography in focus: Tips, templates and top sites

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Looking to start a photography website? Keen to improve your snaps? These posts should set you on the right track, from the best website templates to the finest Moonfruit photography sites on our radar…


9 great website templates for photography


10 lush photography websites built with Moonfruit


Lucca Photography – Made with Moonfruit customer story


6 quick photography tips to better that blog or website


Bad photography blues – the mistakes businesses make


Power up your photography: Camera resources


10 famous photographs and the stories behind them


Taking stock: Demystifying copyright and online photography


11 easy product photography tips to increase sales


We’ll be posting more on this page, so tell us what you want to learn about and see more of. And share how you get on below –  new sites and photos welcome…


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  1. Max Fletcher

    Hello folks. Joined up today, and was sent an email asking me to confirm my email address etc. Clicking on the link to do this, and also copying & pasting the link into a browser address bar resulted in the following message:-

    Error! Cannot get community from hostname.

    What do you sugest I do next………


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