Miss Poppy Cakes website makeover

Miss Poppy Cakes website

We received such a great response to our Moonfruit Makeover competition in November (with entries from more than 30 countries) that we had to delay announcing the lucky winner to give ourselves enough time to judge them all. With our web design magic worked, we can now reveal the hotly anticipated results and new look for winner Miss Poppy Cakes …

Sarah Alwazir is the baking mastermind behind Miss Poppy Cakes, a London-based company selling bespoke and handmade cakes. Sarah’s cakes are fantastic and very much in demand, but she felt her website was failing to reflect this. In particular, she wanted a clearer and more consistent brand for Miss Poppy Cakes across her website and social media platforms. When asked for three words to describe her ideal site to us, she responded with ‘natural’, ‘approachable’ and ‘quality’.

Utilising Miss Poppy Cakes’ greatest asset, Sarah’s striking food photography, our design wizard Maria set about creating a new site that better reflects Sarah’s impressive array of artisan-style baked goods.


The Makeover


Branding is key to your website – it’s what people instantly recognise your business by. Maria’s new concept for Miss Poppy Cakes is a modern, simple yet unique image which can be used either on its own or laid on top of other images in the style of a vintage stamp.

Maria’s aim was to make the design work across the business – not just the website. Sarah sells her cakes at farmers’ markets and the logo will work on her business cards, merchandising, packaging and flyers.

Bag, boxes and flyers


Maria used a 12-column grid to apply to all pages to achieve a consistent yet flexible layout across the site. A banner across the top of each page displays beautiful images of Sarah’s work for each section. The menu used separates the main image from the rest of the content which is positioned using the grid structure in different set-ups.

12 column grid


Sarah suggested that an old typewriter style (Courier New) should be used as the main font for body and copy titles. Maria made all titles and highlighted text bold and applied block capitals to call-to-actions and promotional links for definition.

Courier fonts

Colour scheme

Maria wanted Sarah’s attractive photography to stand out, so she opted for a white and dark background, adding a subtle pink balance to add contrast between the two. The use of only three colours maximises the impact of the images and showcases the richness of textures and colours of the cakes.

Colour scheme


Sarah’s beautiful photos are all consistent in terms of light, balance and composition. The close-ups allow the viewer to get a sense of the textures of the cakes and backgrounds set the mood – showing traditional homemade baking with a touch of vintage style.

Cake photography


Miss Poppy Cakes’ deliveries are only free in the local area, so it was important to highlight where Sarah is based. To encourage deliveries (most of which Sarah advised are by phone), the company contact number is given high priority on the site’s heading throughout.

Google maps close up


As a small business, one of Miss Poppy Cakes’ advantages is the friendly one-to-one service Sarah offers. Maria created an ‘About’ page with Sarah’s image, along with a welcome note to introduce the company and outline its products and services.

Making use of the blog feature is another great way for Sarah to communicate the personality behind Miss Poppy Cakes and will keep customers up to speed with the latest market stall dates, products and recipes. Sarah can also publicise this content on her social profiles to attract visitors to the site.

Sarah wanted a ‘My Kitchen’ section for the site that allowed her to showcase the process behind her cakes in a step-by-step format. These recipes are another opportunity for Sarah to demonstrate her passion for baking and the quality of her products.

Miss Poppy Cakes About Me

Social Media

Maria suggested that Sarah should use more visual platforms to make the most of her stunning product photography.

Maria created a large branded image as the profile banner for the Miss Poppy Cakes Facebook page, matching the visuals on her website and creating continuity across her online content. Maria also created a Pinterest account for Miss Poppy Cakes, which is a great visual platform for food products and photography and also creates traffic to the main website through clickable images.

Miss Poppy Cakes uses images to update her Facebook page with behind-the-scenes shots of her cake-making processes. With popular photo-sharing apps like Instagram, you can achieve quick, high-quality images without the need for costly photoshoots.

Miss Poppy Cakes' Facebook page

Mobile Platforms

Maria used our new Moonfruit v6 HTML5-powered software, which means the new site can be viewed by customers on mobile and tablet devices in the same format as the main website (find out more about Moonfruit v6 at the bottom of this article).

iPad Miss Poppy Cakes

The finished product

Sarah said: “I was really happy with the new ideas that Maria suggested, such as creating a Pinterest account. The tips she provided will help me keep the website more organised in future.

“I now have a completely new brand and website, both of which perfectly suit my business. It’s something I dreamed of – the outcome is amazing and I wouldn’t change anything!”

Miss Poppy Cakes' websites

Visit the new Miss Poppy Cakes website.

What do you think of Maria’s makeover? Has this inspired you to give your own website a revamp? Share your thoughts below.

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