Conquering Google Analytics: A beginner’s guide

Want to know what your website visitors love? What they hate? How you can make your website even better? Jon Foulds goes down the rabbit hole of Google Analytics in the first of our four Boxpark pop-up shop talks.

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Practice makes perfect – why not start using Google Analytics with a free Moonfruit website?

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4 Responses to “Conquering Google Analytics: A beginner’s guide”

  1. marnie

    why am I having problems with google analytics not showing info for my moonfruit site. the tracking number is correct… do I need to paste a tracking code on each page? and if so, how would I do this?

    Love Moonfruit most of the time, but GA is frustrating me :o/

  2. Michael Maglinte

    There should be a whole section on this as tons of people can’t make analytics work with Google. But it used to work amazingly well.

    Lets be more transparent with this please Moonfruit.


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