Everything you wanted to know about domain names but were afraid to ask

Thinking about getting your own domain name, but no idea where to begin?

Well, lookee here…It’s only a new help section for all your domain and email needs!

Whether you’re buying your first domain, transferring to us or need a hand managing your email, we’ve got it all covered in our brand new FAQ and user guides.

Updated, expanded and full of shiny new screen shots, it couldn’t be easier to manage a domain through Moonfruit.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Domain and email glossary: Baffled by geeky jargon? Then, this is the place to start. A straightforward look at all of the terms and phrases you’re going to encounter
  • How to register a domain: From choosing your domain name, to adding it to your site. The whole process covered in an easy to follow, step-by-step guide.
register domain
  • How to transfer a domain: If you already own a domain, and want to use that with your Moonfruit site, then this guide will show just how you can do it


setting up webmail

…And much more on the way.

To see for yourself, just follow the links below.

User guides

Domain FAQs

Email FAQs


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