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Health and Fitness Month

Compete with the big guns with our selection of apps and widgets to improve your health and fitness website.

As we celebrated the arrival of 2013 amid fireworks and recitals of Auld Lang Syne, many minds will have turned to the inevitable health and fitness kick January brings with it. In fact, the number of gym memberships increases by 25% at the beginning of each New Year in the UK alone. People exercising January is therefore a good time for personal trainers and small health and fitness businesses to attract new clients and compete with the big chains. So, to make sure your health and fitness website is in tip top shape this New Year, we’ve put together this guide on helpful features including apps, widgets and HTML Snippets. Let us know how you get on with it.


Give visitors a taster of what you have to offer by adding a video to your site. This will provide an immediate insight to what your service entails and give customers the confidence to sign up. Fitness video Canadian-Dutch fitness company Essentrics includes a video montage of its workout classes on its homepage. Videos are also a great way to present testimonials from previous clients in a more attention-grabbing way than text on its own. Personal trainer Stefan Saigau includes one from actor James Purefoy on his site. Embedding YouTube videos

Online booking systems

Systems like Booking Bug make it super easy to take bookings online and can be created using the HTML Snippet widget tool (see tutorial later). Find out more about Booking Bug in their guest post on our blog. Booking Bug has also put together a guide for creating online booking systems specifically for Moonfruit site. Booking Bug

Timetables and price lists

Make your schedules and prices accessible and easy to read by displaying information in organised tables. Strictly Swimming demonstrates how using the text table feature can make information look attractive and clear to readers. Strictly Swimming Alternatively, you could display your information in graphic blocks that highlight the different services you offer, like Yoga Greenwich. Yoga Greenwich Text table video


With the rise in popularity of health and fitness apps for mobile devices, it’s worth looking into what you could offer clients along these lines, or for any potential link-ups. Moonfruit website Athlete Recipes features a mobile app that allows customers to easily access its nutritional recipes wherever they are – at the supermarket for example, or while cooking. Athlete Recipes app Even a basic app with your contact details will make you accessible to potential customers at the touch of a button. Online application company Widget Box allows you to create an app with features to suit your needs such as a blog feed, photos page, video and custom content. You can then preview the app and, if you like what you see, pay for it to be created. Widget Box


Use a blog Keep existing clients motivated and attract new ones by adding helpful motivational information to your blog. Anthony Mayatt, owner of Breathe Fitness makes the most of his blog by updating regularly on nutrition, wellbeing and recipes. He’s also created a handy diet diary that is free for anyone to download. Downloadable file tutorial

BMI Calculator

Anthony has also used the Moonfruit HTML Snippet widget to create a BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator, which is a great additional resource for visitors to the site. Visit the HTML Snippet how-to video tutorial below to create your own calculator, using this BMI widget.

HTML Snippet

BMI calculator


A monthly newsletter is a great way to keep clients and customers updated. Strictly Swimming, a high-tech coaching company, uses its newsletter to keep followers updated on their latest courses and community events and includes a sign-up button on its site. Strictly Swimming newsletter Depending on the service you use to send out your emails, the majority will have a function for creating a sign-up form, which is compatible with the HTML Snippet widget. Here’s an example of how to create a sign-up form using the Mail Chimp newsletter service. Are you a health and fitness site using any of these tools? How do you attract customers to your site? Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know by commenting below. And if you want to create your own website, find out how on our homepage.

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