How to create the ultimate online CV

How to create an online CV

Want to stand out from the graduate crowd? Increase your prospects with an online CV profile – a one-stop website destination where potential employers can find out everything they need to know about you…


The CV is dead.

Okay, it’s not exactly dead – but in a dwindling job market where competition among candidates is fierce, a traditional resume won’t always cut the mustard. Here, we showcase some ‘OMG’ online CVs and resumes for inspiration and take you through how you can create something special of your own.


First things first. Let’s get you thinking outside the box…

Adam PaciitiRemember this guy? Adam Paciiti graduated with a first-class Media Production degree in 2012. 250 job rejections later, he decided on one last-ditch attempt to attract employers – paying £500 for a billboard that got straight to the point… ‘Please give me a job’.It worked. Not only did Adam get his dream job as a viral producer for media agency KEO Digital, he attracted a flurry of national press. Oh, and he trended on Twitter too. After attracting all this coverage, Adam needed somewhere to send people to find out more about him – and that’s where his website,, came in. Now, you might not have a spare £500 to hire a billboard, but you can set up your own website – and what’s more, for free. Adam Paciiti billboard

Here’s what you should do with it…

Plan ahead

Prepare the relevant text, images and other content so it’s quick and easy to upload to your site. Better still, plan how you want the information to be organised – for example, what headings you’ll use and what order you’ll put things in.


Visualise your layout

Try sketching your homepage on paper before you start – this will get you thinking about how you might lay it out and develop your ideas.


Give your copy a makeover

Dig out that thesaurus! Not the most riveting read, but a sure fire way to keep your vocabulary varied and punchy. Don’t fear the bullet point either – attention-grabbing lists, such as ‘5 things I’m awesome at’, will highlight your top selling points and catch the attention of employers. Short punchy sentences will make things easy to read and snappily convey exactly what you’re about.


Get the basics right

There are five core pages we recommend you include as they’ll help you to cover all the bases: Home, About, CV/Experience, Work/Projects, and Contact. Add a brief intro to the Home page before giving a more detailed explanation of your experience and background on your About page. A CV or Experience page is where you should list your job history – including a brief description of each position underneath job titles. Showcase relevant projects on a Work page – you can include file downloads for larger pieces of work as well – and complete the online profile with your Contact page, including details on where you’re based and how they can contact you.


The sky’s the limit

Once you’ve got these basics down you can think about jazzing your site up with some more bespoke features to craft your identity and make you really stand out. There are many ways you can do this – we’ve read about people creating QR codes, t-shirts, infographics, interactive games and videos – all sorts!


Think infographic

Education and experienceInfographics are a great way to communicate lots of information in an easy-to-digest format and they’re also a great space-saving tool. You could even use symbols to demonstrate the different levels of your abilities, like this example from designer Zhi Lang.


Sell yourself in the online shop

A truly novel way to market you skills and services – why not list yourself and your USPs in your shop? You can include qualifications and personal traits as part of your product description – perfect if you want to demonstrate how savvy you are when it comes to e-commerce. Visit our video tutorial to find out more about the ShopBuilder.


It doesn’t hurt to be quirky

Yes, it’s important that your online CV creates a professional impression, but a winning personality can be just as much of a draw. Let your potential employers see your fun side too, and show them what a hoot you are to work with. Design graduate Katie Briggs includes her ‘likes’ outside work – everything from mashed potato and scrabble – as well as a cameo from her hamster Belafonte!


Use a customised version of your product

Michelle AllberreyFor the crafty among you, why not customise one of your products and theme your profile around the things you make. Crafter and designer Melissa Washin did just that, with her hand-sewn resume. Or you could make like Kelly Kinney and print your CV on a T-shirt. Whatever material you decide to get creative with, scan the item, upload it as an image, and use it as the main focus of your online profile. Moonfruiter Michelle Allberry (above) is an illustrator who uses her paper-based creations as menu headers and a self portrait on her site.


The right type

Paul ScottTypography is key to achieving a cohesive design across your site. Paragraphs of information should use neat, easy-to-read text, while a more elaborate font or a brighter colour will make headings stand out. In HTML5-powered Moonfruit v6 there are plenty of new fonts – all exclusively from Google – at your disposal. You can also preview what the different font options will look like before committing.


Custom images

Customise imagesIf you’re a designer, illustrator or artist, a good-looking profile is about more than being pleasing to the eye – it’s key to demonstrating your personal and professional style. The design freedom you get with Moonfruit’s website builder means you can customise your site with your own images, illustrations and even your own handwriting. Moonfruiter Ed Rex’s profile (below) features his music, coding and writing and all in his very own scribble – making for a truly unique online profile.



Visit our video tutorial on Adding and Editing images and for information on recommended image formats and dimensions, visit our forum/FAQ page.


Make yours a video

Perhaps your online profile is less about your qualifications and more about you as an individual. If you’re a presenter, actor, teacher or sports instructor – where there is a real emphasis on how you engage with others – including a video in your online CV will demonstrate your show-stopping personality. Take Graeme Anthony for example. He’s the brain behind one of YouTube’s most popular video CVs (racking up over 200,000 views). As a PR specialist in the creative industries, Anthony’s video is the perfect showcase for his imaginative approach. Alternatively, if you’re a designer or creative like Moonfruiter Dan (aka Digiboy), consider including a video reel as a portfolio of your work.



Check out our Adding a YouTube video tutorial for a step-by-step guide. Make the most of the Snippet Widget The (Internet) world is your oyster with the HTML Snippet Widget – add anything from a Flickr slideshow to a SoundCloud audio-player.



Find out how to add the Snippet widget with our step-by-step guide and for a longer list of widgets at your disposal visit our forum/FAQ.


Promoting your profile on social media

Social media Your online profile is ready, so now what? You’ve got to sell the hell out of it, quite frankly. And when it comes to doing this, social media is your best friend – with more than 90% of employers now using social-networking channels to recruit. So, once your site is up and running, share, tweet, pin and blog your online profile for all to see and don’t forget to include a link in your Twitter and LinkedIn descriptions as well. If you end up creating lots of interesting bespoke images and other elements for your profile, why not showcase them on sites like Behance or Dribble – another way to get your CV seen, and by a new audience. Encourage visitors to share your site too – adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button will make it super easy for them to pass your CV on to friends and contacts.


Promoting social media on your profile

Be sure to include links to all of your relevant social profiles on your site. That way potential employers can check out your more up-to-date online activities – you could even include a Twitter feed on your site.



Free graphics sites like Icon Archive are great for finding stylish social media icons. Have you created an online CV or profile using Moonfruit? How do you use the website to promote yourself to employers? Let us know about your online profile below. Want to build a free website with Moonfruit? Go to our homepage to find out how. 

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