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In February, Google announced that it would begin boosting mobile-friendly websites in search engine rankings (read their post here). The change, which will come into effect this month, means that websites that are easier to load and peruse on smartphones will have an advantage over ones that aren’t.

Mobiles now account for one third of e-commerce purchases and Smart Insights reported that over 80% of people use their smartphones to search for things on the go – it’s not difficult to see why Google have made this change!

So, what exactly makes a website mobile-friendly and how can you ensure your Moonfruit site is ready for the change?

A mobile-friendly website is a website that displays content in a way that makes it simple to use and navigate on mobile devices. It usually has these features:

  • Fast loading time – slower loading times use up more data.
  • Easy to read – mobile phone screens are much smaller than the size of desktop computers.
  • Easy to navigate – menus have limited space on mobile devices, so keeping yours short and sweet would be beneficial.
  • Minimal scrolling – not just vertically but also horizontally.
  • Avoids using Flash – Apple products and most mobile browsers do not support Flash-based content.

You can check just how mobile-friendly your current website is by running it through Google’s mobile test here.

And you can make your website mobile-friendly by following the suggestions in the Google Webmaster documentation here.

Google advises it is best to use the mobile view (also known as the optimised view in Moonfruit terms), as it appears clearer for the visitors: “The version that’s not mobile-friendly requires the user to pinch or zoom in order to read the content.” We therefore suggest that you choose the ‘Optimised view’ within the Mobile tab settings rather than the ‘Desktop view’. This displays the content in a more user-friendly way and addresses some of the issues that Google have with Desktop view sites.

I’m still not sure how to edit my mobile optimised site….

We have a tutorial video which shows you how you can edit your mobile site to improve its layout and display. Watch it here.




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14 Responses to “Making your site mobile-friendly”

  1. Paul D

    I dont want to use version 6 till they support the visitor counter. I have had tens of thousands of visits & this figure will be lost if i upgrade. Will the new html version eventually support visitor counters?

  2. Frank

    When are you guys going to put in forms and membership capabilities for your HTML5 sites? I can’t switch over until this is in place and yes I am losing lot of people since it is not mobile.

    • Amita Parikh

      Hi Frank, you can already add forms in v6 sites. Memberships are in the pipeline but we don’t have a date for when it will be ready.

  3. Matthew Nixon

    It’s disappointing to see Moonfruit championing a mobile first approach when in face their own solution is yet to fully and adequately support mobile site design. Version 5 and Version 6 have both, for a long while, been token efforts at providing a mobile site. When you weight this up vs. a solution like Squarespace (which is still imperfect also) – you get a responsive design as standard.

  4. Scoobypoo

    Hi, I have approx 50 sites built on moonfruit (I’m a reseller) and these latest google changes have forced me to flip many of my sites to the mobile version. Currently there are 2 main issues that concern me which need to be bumped up the priority list to improve:

    1: What users see – as designers we have minimal control over the layout (its just the option to hide or re-order content along with changing a few colours). My main gripe is in all cases the top box (next to the menu) uses the text from the page title. In many cases this can be quite long as its a factor in the google mix (its advisable to have some keywords placed in there). I’d like to have the option to hide the page title and in its place be able to place an image (like a header). In other words some sort of simple page master type feature to design the basic layout of the mobile view. I’d also like the ability to varying the font sizes.

    2: When I ran the new google tests to inspect my site it found errors that they advised I should fix (will aversely effect my ranking if I don’t). However it seems I have no control over this and it sits under the moonfruit hood. These being to ‘Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content’ and to “Leverage browser caching”.

    I’d really like to see a more detailed blog post from moonfruit to outline their plans in this area. IMHO the whole mobile friendly area should now be at the top of the list in terms of development priorities.

    • Steven


      I’ve passed your comments along to our developers for consideration.

      With regard to your second point, this is something we are already working to address as quickly as we can. I’ll make a note that is highlighted in your support dashboard once it has been resolved.

      Cheers, Steven

  5. Chad Brittian

    So the Google not tool does not recognize the mobile text. It shows 4 errors and will cause issues on ranking with Google. With the new roll out of the mobile optimization requirement this is something that is a big deal. Is this something that you are planning on correcting so that Google can actually crawl the mobile websites?

  6. Steven

    Hi Chad,

    As per my other comment, our developers are working on the errors that are shown in the Google report. We’re hoping to get a fix released ASAP.

    Cheers, Steven

  7. Gina

    Hi, I also have these same issues, Can you notify me when they’re sorted please as I’m expecting rankings to go down with the new mobile optimisation stuff

    • Steven

      Hi Gina,

      I’ll ensure the note is displayed in the support dashboard so everyone can see.

      Cheers, Steven

    • Steven

      Hi John,

      Improving the mobile site is something we’re interested in. We’re currently carrying out work on the underlying services that we mentioned in our development related forum post [].

      As soon as we have any news to share about future development I’ll be sure to post here on the blog.

      Cheers, Steven


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