7 strategies to optimise your content for SEO

How to optimise website content for SEO

Get your site to the top of the search engine listings with robust SEO – we’re talking optimising images, videos, audio and presentations too, not just text content.

There’s no point creating amazing content on your website if you’re the only person who ever sees it. Content is often regarded as just the text on a website, but it goes much further than that. Videos, audio, images, embeddable quizzes and all manner of things form part of your content, so plan and use them wisely.


Before you start

  • You should have a website with a few pages of content and/or products
  • Know what keywords you want to rank for (see Step 1)
  • Have your creativity to hand

Prepare pages and keywordsNow let’s get started

Step 1

As with any SEO task you’ll need to have the keywords in mind that you want to rank for. Follow our Choosing keywords for SEO guide for some simple instructions on how to choose yours using Google’s Keyword Planner.

Step 2

Ask yourself questions such as ‘Does the page heading contain my most important keyword?’ and ‘Does my first paragraph explain what the website offers, including a natural mention of the keyword?’ Search engines are clever enough these days to determine when copy has been specifically written to attract search engines, so write in your own style and give your copy some personality, while keeping keywords in mind to drop in a couple of times throughout your text.

Step 3

Search engines like sites that update regularly, so aim to refresh all your copy every three months. Use it as an opportunity to carry out a general health check to see what pages or links may no longer be useful. If you have a blog on your site, make sure you keep to a schedule of producing a few posts a month otherwise visitors to your site will think it’s been left unloved. If you can’t look after your blog, what’s your customer service going to be like?

Step 4

Now it’s time to review your images. Images now appear prominently in search results, so type in your main keywords and see what kind of images appear – do yours cut the mustard in comparison, or do you need to add some better ones to compete? If you’re able to get your image to the top of the page, you could see a huge traffic increase. After you’ve taken a great photo or constructed a brilliant diagram, add it to your image library for your Moonfruit site, then select the image and click on the ‘Style’ tab of the editor. Click on ‘Alt Tag’ and describe the photo in 4-5 words, then tick the ‘Display Alt Text’ option and click ‘Apply’.

Copy health checks

Step 5

Add alt tags to all your images in this way, describing the image in a short sentence. This will help search engines associate your site with particular keywords and subjects. You may also get traffic from searches via Google Images.

Step 6

In a similar way, videos are very prominent in Google search results and YouTube is considered by many as the second most popular search platform on the web. Rather than trying to host and play video files on your website, make use of the YouTube platform and embed the content directly from there. Not only will this give you the benefit of faster-loading content, you’ll also be broadening your audience. In the Moonfruit editor, click the ‘Insert’ tab and open the ‘Widget Library’ where you’ll find a YouTube video widget.

Review your images

Step 7

Any other content types can be optimised in exactly the same way – for image galleries you might use Flickr, for audio you might want to use Soundcloud, and for presentations you could look at Slideshare. All these services provide HTML code which you can add to your Moonfruit site using the ‘HTML Snippet’ feature (see our HTML Snippet Widget How-To).

Something else to try

A single piece of popular content can attract more traffic than the rest of your pages put together – creating a quiz about Justin Bieber’s haircuts might not exactly fit with the rest of the content on your site, but if it pulls in the traffic then it might be worth looking into…

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