Seasonal marketing ideas for your online store

Seasonal Marketing Ideas

The cold weather has crept up on us and with Christmas and the new year fast approaching, you’ll want to make sure your business is ready for the shopping season ahead. We asked entrepreneurs and marketing experts for their top tips and ideas to delight your customers and build loyalty.


Surprise your potential customers

Denim apparel company AndAgain display promotions during the buyer’s journey to increase sales online. Co-founder of the company Greg Harder says: ‘Random days of the week, upon clicking on the collection page of our website showcasing our products, a message will pop up and offer a coupon code to a single product, marking it 50% off, for that day only! This quick and gripping code gives a feeling of exclusivity that we think drives many consumers to transition into customers.’ 

To create promo codes in your Moonfruit shop, check out our dedicated guide here. Set up codes for a certain percentage off, free shipping or a fixed amount deducted from the shopping cart, and even add a minimum spend for the discount to activate! You can turn promo codes on/off at any time in a few clicks. 


Send perfectly tailored emails

Farnoush Mirmoeini, co-founder of luxury fashion retailer Obsessory explains the importance of promotions with proper targeting: ‘We have relationships with hundreds of different stores and thousands of brands and we personalize the offers, [rather than] sending everything to everyone. . . .We do a lot of intelligent algorithms on brands and stores so that we know which stores and brands are similar’. Farnoush explains how this approach has seen their traffic and conversions grow substantially, especially during the Christmas period. ‘We can help people discover new things, but not get overwhelmed by thousands of offers.’


Promotion Ideas


You can set up a newsletter form on your Moonfruit contact page, adding an option for visitors to choose their interests or products they’d like to hear more about. Then simply import your form data to a marketing service like Mailchimp, to create targeted promotional emails based on their chosen interests! To add a form to your website, check out this guide (or this one if you page is responsive).


Entice with minimum spend offers

Rachel Stephens, SEO and Customer Behaviour Analyst for Totally Promotional, has seen a 5.9% increased order value while running seasonal promotions on their company website:  ‘One of our most successful holiday promotions involves giving away a free product with a minimum purchase amount. We currently offer a free banner with a $130 table cover purchase. The benefit to the customer is easy to understand. This inspires the customer to choose us over another retailer, and encourages them to buy a little more if they were under the minimum requirement.’

You can also set up a minimum spend for free shipping through your Moonfruit shop to entice customers over Christmas and New Year. Find out how to set up shipping conditions in your online store here!


What marketing strategies are you planning over the Christmas period to maximise your holiday sales? Post your promotion and marketing tips in the comments!

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