Top ten posts on Moonfruit in 2014

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It’s that time of year again – list-central! Top 10 shows, top 10 albums, top 10 celebrity break-ups. You get the idea.

In the same vein, we’ve rounded up our top 10 posts. These were the posts that performed best over the course of 2014. So, if you’re just starting out, have a flip back through the year as seen through the Moonfruit Sliced blog:


10. 16 free business tools to make your life easier: A wealth of free resources about everything from accounting to trademarking your business name, all in one place. Read more.


Hobby to a business

9. Turn your hobby into a business in one weekend – loads of our customers are keen to take a passion or hobby and transform it into something that generates a bit of moolah. Our guide to taking something you love and turning it into something that allows you to be profitable was our 9th most popular post. Read more.



8. How to add a SoundCloud music player: Gone are the days of million dollar record deals (ok, some of those still exist). But it’s now easier than ever to promote your own music online. You can add a SoundCloud player to your Moonfruit site in just a few steps. Read more.



7. 20 best uses of the HTML Snippet Widget: If you’ve got something you want to add to your site, chances are you can do it using this handy tool. It’s like the Swiss Army knife in the Moonfruit site-building kit. Read more.


6. How to make a lightbox for next to nothing: Great photography can help your website stand out from the crowd, and using a lightbox is one of the quickest ways to take your pictures to the next level. We’ve made a tutorial that shows you how to make one on a tight budget. Read more.



5. Blogging, why bother? You should bother for many reasons! Blogging regularly is a great way to drive a constant stream of traffic to your site, gain credibility and get search engines to love you. Read more.


blog templates

4. 9 Best Templates for Website Photography: Photography was a very popular topic as a whole this year on the Moonfruit blog. Here, we showcase the top 9 templates you should consider using if you’ve set out to make a photography website. Read more.


howto moonfruit onlineshop

3. How to create an online shop, Moonfruit style: Our shop guide is one of our most popular resources and with good reason – ecommerce is a trend that shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Want to create your own shop on the interweb? Read more here.



2. 6 tips to improve your website or blog photography: Our third photography-themed feature on the list. Our resident videographer and photographer shares his tips for improving your photos in order to increase traffic and page views. Read more.



1. How to create a website beginner’s guide: Drumroll please….our number one post was none other than our handy Beginner’s Guide. Just starting out? You’ll want to brew a cup of tea and take a read through it. No surprise here that it’s at the top of the list. Covering everything from adding pages to editing your menu, it’s a great place to start on the road to creating a stellar website. Read more.


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    Any News If the V6 Blog will have an ‘Archive and Latest Posts’ Feature? It’s redundant without It?


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