Dream on: The Boxpark adventure continues

in your dreams boxpark

The latest in our live events and talks proved to be a popular and fun day, with professional face decorators ‘In Your dreams’ leaving smiles, make up and glitter on everyone’s faces. And there’s more to come…

Who are In Your dreams?

The company is a regular at festivals such as the Secret Garden Party, entertaining and decorating crowds with their body-painting and make-up extravaganzas.

‘Drawing on people’ may seem like an unlikely business plan, but it’s working a treat for face and body-painting company In Your Dreams.

Sequins, gold leaf, gem stones (and lots of glitter) are used to create their elaborate designs and accessories.


boxpark in your dreams


boxpark in your dreams


boxpark in your dreams


boxpark in your dreams


boxpark in your dreams

Pretty cool, hey?

Well, don’t worry, you haven’t missed all the fun yet. There’s still plenty more to come from our residence in Boxpark, with more glimpses into the world of Moonfruit users and talks from our own team in the next week weeks…

SEO Solid crew: Understanding Search Engine Optimisation

26th March 7.30-8.30pm

S-E-O. Do those three little letters spark fear into your heart?

Search Engine Optimisation does have a bit of a reputation as being complicated and very, well ‘techy’. However, with the help of our in-office SEO guru, you’ll soon master the basics and find out that it isn’t really that difficult (we promise).

The live SEO talk will cover the various different aspects to Search Engine Optimisation, relayed simply and with examples to help you along the way.

Social writes: A lesson in copywriting and social media

08th April 7.30-8.30pm

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + can all be great ways to get your brand out there if you know how to use them, and what to say!

And good content makes visiting your website a much more enjoyable experience. Long rambling paragraphs, spelling mistakes and bad grammar are just a few of the ways you can turn people off.

We will be hosting a live workshop on both social media and content copywriting so that we can show you how to use social tools effectively and illustrate the most efficient ways of writing content for your website.

Design 101: An introduction to web design

23rd April 7.30-8.30pm

Need a helping hand with your web-design skills? Are you struggling with layout issues, sizing concerns or perhaps you’re just stuck in a design rut? Well fear not! One of the very talented designers from the Moonfruit team will be hosting a ‘Design 101’ session covering the basics to great web-design.

So, what’s it all about?

You can expect a live demo where our designer will go through a number of topics from customising our range of templates to simple design rules to abide by.

Easter event: Our lips are sealed

Sorry, but we’re keeping this one under wraps for just a little while longer (such teasers). Needless to say, there will be some fun, Easter based shenanigans to enjoy.

Stay tuned.


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