The first Android smartwatch, Google’s crazier ideas, and the scariest Easter bunnies you’ve ever seen.

It’s the Random-Round Up Easter special!

Our weekly delve into the world wide web comes a day early, so hopefully Facebook won’t buy the Moon or something tomorrow and make all this seem totally redundant.

Happy Easter!

First smartwatch is on its way – Gizmodo

Android ready to ship later this year.


Google’s crazier ideas – Gizmodo

Space elevators, hoverboards and teleportation. We’re not making this up.


Samsung galaxy S5 hack – CNN

Claims that the finger print scan may not be secure.



Facebook will make users download Messenger – CNN

You will need to get their new messenger app, if you want to chat.


Samsung and Meaningful design – The Verge

Accused of being ‘copycats’, Samsung launch website promoting ‘meaningful design‘.


Design Everywhere archive – Design Everywhere/Tumblr

Great blog collating everything and anything of great design. Really worth a look, if you’re after inspiration.


Best Vines of the year (so far) – Gizmodo

Vines are now getting their own category at Tribeca film festival, and they’re pretty good too.



Easter around the world

It’s not just about rabbits handing out eggs. Check out what other traditions people celebrate this weekend.


Where do Easter eggs originate from? – Bristol Post

Bristol apparently.


10 reasons chocolate is good for you – Vogue

You can now eat as many eggs as you want.


Terror bunnies – Buzzfeed

Actually, I don’t think I want any eggs this year after all.


Create your own website this Easter.


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