Holy Twitter Batman – the campaign response

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Many of you will have noticed our twitter campaign that started on Tuesday to give away 10 Macbook Pros to celebrate the 10th Birthday of Moonfruit. Yes we’re that old. But I don’t think any of us expected it to go quite so crazy.

We’ve been trending at the number 1 spot on twitter for the last 36 hours or more, our number of followers is approaching 20,000 before the end of the first 48 hours and our site traffic has increased by 8 times or more. Ouch.

Mashable (The Social Media Guide) has written this up as ‘A Twitter campaign done right’ and an SEO expert calls us bigger than Michael Jackson. And Brand Republic calls it a massive success.

At around midnight last night 300 tweets per minute were about moonfruit and this accounted for 1.63% of all twitter traffic. And including the Mashable article that was also trending about Moonfruit it was around 2.85% in total.

Interesting times. We’re looking forward to seeing what happens…



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