Did you know you can add a phone number link to your website?

Phone header

Set up a button that calls your mobile when clicked 

Well, the good old HTML widget just keeps on giving.

In the last month it’s helped us create slideshows and FAQ sections. Now we’re getting phone links!

Hmm. What are phone links?

Glad you asked.

Say a customer is viewing your site on their smart phone, they check out your contact page and see your number. A phone link would allow them to just press the number and their phone would immediately start calling you.

So, pretty useful and it’s really easy to set up.

See this tiny bit of code?

<a href=’tel:1234567891‘>Dial Me</a>

Just replace 1234567891 with your own phone number and amend Dial Me to whatever you like.

Then, it’s just a case of logging into your site, adding an HTML snippet, pasting the code and applying.


Like to add a phone number but don’t have the site? Why, you could set one up today for free.

Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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8 Responses to “Did you know you can add a phone number link to your website?”

  1. deyan

    just created call us snippet on my website and then i tried to call but nothing happened.i opened the website from smartphone and then dialed but nothing.

  2. Nomis

    i just tested and this also works when inserting body text and images.
    use the ‘link’ tab under editor and just enter tel:0123456789 (your number) where you would usually enter an external link.
    (tested on iphone)


  3. Paul

    I’ve added this to my site in two places – in page footer and also on contact page – but it does not appear to work for me. I did wonder if it’s because it’s a mobile number in used. Or if I had to remove leading zero. Any suggestions?

    • Steven

      Hi Paul,

      I have had a look at the code on your site, it looks like there was a problem with the ‘ ‘ being used in the code. I have corrected this and both numbers appear to be working.



  4. amanda

    same problem! I have put the code in replaced the 12345678 with our own phone number and replaced the call me with “call Homely Petz” we can see the blue “call Homely Petz” prompt on the website but when you click on it, it is showing a “clip of another part of the website.


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