Did you know you can add a poll, quiz or survey to your website?


So, what’s it to be? A quiz to test your average visitor’s mental skills? How about a poll to see which Kardashian would win in a fight?

Well, no matter how you put it to use, you really can’t go wrong with this handy little app from Polldaddy “the most powerful and easy to use survey software around”.

Here’s how it works:

Go to Polldaddy and sign up for a free trial (there are paid versions but free should do you fine)

poll1Add your details

poll2On the dashboard page click the blue ‘Create a new…’ button and choose ‘Survey’, ‘Polls’, ‘Quizzes’ or ‘Ratings’.


Note: All are compatible with Moonfruit websites but for the purposes of this demonstration we’re going with a poll.


You then just need to add your question, the possible responses/answers, choose your settings and hit ‘Create’.

poll5Choose from a range of styles.


Copy the code…

poll7Log in to your website, add an HTML widget to your page through ‘Insert’-> ‘HTML snippet’ and paste the code into the widget through the ‘Editor’-> ‘Set up’.


Finally, save and apply to activate your poll.

poll8Then,  just put your feet up and wait for the results to come in.

Like the look of this but don’t have a website? Get one here for free.

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