Did you know you can add tables to your website?


Well now you do…

Yay. Courtesy of those clever chaps over at Text Fixer you can now adorn your site with stylish and easy to create tables. Ideal for organised types who like their data all nice and tidy.

Sound like you? Then do read on…

To create a table head to the Text Fixer website

Add your styling options and cell structure i.e. how many columns and rows you require.

Edit the default text that is currently featured e.g. ‘Row: 1 Cell: 1’ and add your own data.

When you’re done editing, copy the code and log in to your website.

You can then add an HTML widget to your page through ‘Insert’-> ‘HTML snippet’ and paste the code into the widget through the ‘Editor’-> ‘Set up’.

Next… No, actually that’s it. All done.

Pretty good isn’t?

Don’t have a website yet? Well why you didn’t say? Here’s one on us for free.

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