Adding photographs to your website


How to get the best out of your photography.

No matter what your site is about, you’re going to want to add your own images at some point.

To help you with that, we’d like to share a few tips to keep those pictures perfect.

1. Don’t take images directly from your camera

The pictures stored in your digital camera’s memory are going to be huge in pixels and file size.

While computer screens continue to improve and evolve, they still don’t require the image quality needed for printing. So uploading these original and unprocessed images  will not only quickly reduce storage space,  they will largely be wasted on most computer screens.

Even worse, huge image files may result in slow  loading times for your visitors – which may put them off staying or returning.

Simply save the photographs onto your hard drive and open them up in any image editing tool you can get your hands on e.g. Picasa, Paint Shop Pro, iPhoto, Photoshop.

2. Use the recommended file size

When you have the files open for editing, we recommend re-saving them  in a file size no greater than 200kb. We’ve found this provides a more than reasonable resolution without causing issues.

Also, try to  ensure that your photos are less than 10mpx (mega-pixels).

3. Oh, and don’t forget the dimensions

Additionally, make the hight and width of each picture less than 2880 x 2880px.

4. Save in the right format

Your site supports jpeg, gif or png formats, so save in one of those if you want them to see the light of day.

Then, you’re ready to upload them to your site.

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