How to: Create Promo Codes in the Moonfruit Shop (v6 only)

Promo Codes

The decorations are starting to pop up on the high street, so how about an early gift to help you get into the Christmas spirit?

Just in time for the festive season (and all the shopping that goes with it) we are launching promo codes in the Moonfruit shop. This feature will allow you to provide a range of discounts to your site visitors, or to run specific promotions for loyal customers.

So, what kind of codes can you add?

There are three types of promo codes available in the shop:

  • Percentage: This allows you to reduce the cost of a product or multiple products by a set percentage (shipping costs not included in discount).
  • Fixed Amount: This function allows you to set an exact monetary discount amount (e.g. £5 off).
  • Free Shipping:  As the name suggests, customers won’t have to pay shipping costs if you use this code.

How do I add a promo code?

Login to your shop in the Moonfruit site editor, click on ‘Settings’ > ‘Add Promo Code’ and fill in the relevant fields. We also have a step by step guide that shows you exactly how to add a promo code. Check it out here.

How can my customers use promo codes?

First, you’ll have to tell your customers what the promo code is.

You can do this by emailing customers, advertising it on your homepage as a limited time offer, or by using social channels to communicate. Once a customer has your promo code, they will have to enter it into the promo code field when they are ready to check out. They can then hit ‘Apply’ and the discount should appear just above the total. Customers can then checkout as they normally would.

…and even more updates.

We’ve changed the way Google Maps can be embedded onto websites. Now you can easily drag and drop the Google Map snidget (that’s snippet + widget. See what we did there?) onto a website page, type in the company name or address and it will automatically bring up a map. You can also customise the length and width. Read more here.

Please note that promo codes are available in v6 shops only and that all sites with shops need to be updated, whether you use the feature or not.  To do this, go to both your cart page and confirmation page and then click the ‘Update’ tab in the floating editor panel. If you are not sure how to do this you can read more here

Amita Parikh
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