How to create a slideshow for your website


Bring your images alive with these free slideshow building tools…

They’re free, they’re easy to use, and they only take a few minutes of your time.

Say hello to PhotoSnack and ComSLIDER. The best online slideshow builders out there.

Both provide simple, elegant slideshows fully compatible with our websites and they’re completely free!

They also have a similar build process, in that you just go to the respective site, upload your images and they generate a string of code. This  can then be added to your website through our HTML widget.

It really is that simple.

To find out more, take a look through the guides below…

How to create a slideshow with Photosnack
How to create a slideshow with Comslider

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6 Responses to “How to create a slideshow for your website”

  1. Simpy

    Even if moonfruit do it, I doubt that will be better than 3rd party creators which are specialized for it.
    I’m happy with comslider – simple and flexible for fair price

  2. Steven

    Is there a way of embedding a separate link into each image using these 3rd party tools?

  3. Jimmy Brooks

    I’m designing my website now. I’ve been playing around with Photosnack; it’s great. The problem is that once it’s on the main website, you can’t use the same slideshow simultaneously with mobile viewing due to sizing issues. Even tried creating a duplicate slideshow for mobile, and you can’t perform separate edits in mobile. Any tips?

    • Charlotte

      As you cannot add responsive code to Standard pages the slideshow may not display fully on the mobile version but have you had a look at our responsive page feature? We have guides on how to opt in, add a responsive page and a slideshow here: Let me know how you get on!


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