How To Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide

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New to Moonfruit? We’ve a number of helpful guides to set you on the right track, starting with How To Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide.

So, you’re ready to build a website huh? Here’s a link to our comprehensive Beginner’s Guide which covers all you need to know, from useful ‘before you start’ prep, to adding and organising pages.

Let us know how you get on by commenting below. And tell us a bit about you and what you do – we love hearing about your exciting new online ventures!

Want to get stuck in? If so, have a go at creating your own website with Moonfruit.

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26 Responses to “How To Create Your Own Website: A Beginner’s Guide”

  1. Peter Williams

    I would like to know how to re-design and improve an existing web site whilst still using the “old” site and keeping the new design hidden until it is complete.

    Also I would like to know how to change the web page from to another URL which is already registered and owned by us.

    • Steven

      Hi Peter,

      I can see you are on one of our standard accounts, which means you can host up to 5 websites. If you are looking to have a redesign you can log directly in to, then click on ‘Add a site’ from your dashboard – this will allow you to create a new site from scratch using an alternative template.

      Once you are happy with the new design we can help you swap over the url of your site so your users will be directed to the new one.

      With regard to having a personalised domain, you can register a domain through your domains dashboard at:


      Feel free to raise a support ticket if you need more information.



    • Natalie

      I haven’t finished my website yet so how do I edit it. When I click anything it only high lights. :(

    • Steven

      Hi Gail,

      These options are not built in but if you have a package that supports multiple sites then you can copy a site from the admin menu and translate the copy. You can then link the two sites together.



  2. Ian

    How do you edit the text on a menu. I’m using one of templates and not matter what mode I’m in it doesn’t let me edit the text. Can you point me in the right direction?

    • Marcel Reinard

      Hello Ian,
      Click on the menu (it should take you to the page master) and use the pop out ‘editor’ box, go to the ‘setup’ tab and ‘organise pages’ to have a play around with your menus.


  3. Liz Pilgrim

    Am interested in getting a quote to design a new website but when I try to access the info on your website, an error message is coming up which reads:

    The requested URL /kickstartreg/ was not found on this server.

    Please advise!
    many thanks
    Kind regards

  4. Christina Lyropoulou

    Hello there,
    I want to change my current website to moonfruit, but I am not sure how the shift from the one host to the other works.Do I need to take the old website down before I start building the new one with you, or I can start with the old one being published and replace it later? The old website is host by Clook and made with filezilla. I have already paid for the first months host so I don’t want to delay the shifting process. I have no idea how this works so I would really appreciate your guidance on this.


    • Amita Parikh

      Hi Christina,

      I’m so sorry for the delay, I thought my colleague responded to you. Can you let me know if you still require assistance? Thanks.


  5. Zebulon Ely

    Basic question…want to utilize the design from a current non-moonfruit website that I owul like to “migrate” to Moonfruit. In other words, keep all the design elements – color, layout, fonts. Is it possible? And, if so, to what degree? The site is designed for a Social Worker and was created through GoDaddy is the current Host for the site. Thanks!

    • Steven


      Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer across a site design. However, our service is drag and drop so you should be able to create a new site using a similar design (perhaps select a template that matches your style then adjust it to suit). All of the templates can be edited as much as you need to :)

      Cheers, Steven

  6. sarah meek

    Hi I registered with moonfruit and bought a domain name which has now been verified. I am now in the process of building my website but am unsure how to link it with my www address. Also when I try to add email addresses, I keep getting an error message. Is there anywhere I can get information on how to do this? Thanks Sarah

  7. sandy

    The requested URL /kickstartreg/ was not found on this server
    i m getting this error when i try to build it for me


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