What are Google AdWords?


…and how we can help you benefit from them.

Right. What are they?

Basically, Google offer a service where you pay them to advertise your website. This works by buying specific words that you want to be ranked highly on, so when people look up these keywords or phrases, an advert will appear for your business in a prominent location on the page.

How can we help?

Google provide us with AdWords coupons, which we then give to our subscribers. So, when you pay for any Moonfruit package, we will give you £75  worth of coupons for free.

Note: This offer is restricted to UK addresses only.

Now, Google do have a few guidelines on how these can be spent. So, your Google AdWords account must be under 14 days old, and you need to buy £25 worth of vouchers first. They will then accept your voucher code and make the £25 up to £100.

You must also comply with their terms and conditions.

So, not too shabby overall to get your site up front in the worlds No.1 search engine.

To find out more, you can contact Google directly.

…Or sign up with us today.

Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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5 Responses to “What are Google AdWords?”

  1. Mark Hodgkins

    Is it me or does anyone else find that the Adsense adverts move from where originally placed on V6. Usually happens if more than one advert has been placed on the same page. I like my ads to run down one side of the page nice and neatly, but once done they stay still for a short time then start jumping about.

    • Steven

      Hi Mark,

      The ads seem to be appearing in place for me. Have you tried using an alternative browser to edit?

      If you continue to have issues it would be worth sending in a support ticket with some screenshots for us to investigate.



  2. Scott

    Thank you for the great information that you have presented here. Really cleared up all doubts of google adwords for me.


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