How to: Add an Instagram feed to your website

SnapWidget - Instagram Feed

Instagram is a great business tool for building brand awareness and showcasing your core values and company culture. This quick guide shows you how to display Instagram posts on your Moonfruit site using the third party tool SnapWidget.


SnapWidget - Customise


First up, head to SnapWidget and click ‘Get started’ from the top menu bar. A customisation panel will appear. You can display all posts from a certain Instagram account, or a specific hashtag. Choose how to display the posts – Grid (images only),  Board (grid including text), Scrolling (scroll-able image bar), Slideshow or Map. Once you’re done, click ‘Get Widget’.


SnapWidget - HTML Snippet


Copy the generated code from the box, then navigate to your site editor to embed the code. From the ‘Insert’ tab in the main toolbar, click ‘HTML Snippet’ from the left sidebar.


SnapWidget - Add Code


The snippet widget will appear on your page. To add the code, from the floating Editor box select the ‘Setup’ tab, paste the code and click ‘Apply’. If you see a popup asking to resize the widget automatically, click ‘Yes’ and save your changes. You can preview your widget by clicking ‘View my site’!


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