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Did you know you can add unique social media icons to your Moonfruit website – no design skills needed? There are loads of free social media icons available online. You can find various sets through websites like Vandelay Design and Flat Icon.

Finding other sets is as simple as typing ‘social media icons’ into Google and seeing what you get. We recommend you use ‘png’ in your search term. Png files are usually larger in size than jpegs and gifs but they retain their quality and have transparency (which is great for icons!). This means you can layer them over objects and images seamlessly.

Once you have chosen the icons you like, download them to your computer. We’re using the vintage stamp icons we found on Design Instruct.

Vintage social media icons set

Design Instruct Vintage Social Media Icon Stamps


Note: remember to read the terms and conditions for downloading and check that you are able to use the icons for free – you usually can in most cases but it’s best to clarify each usage policy.

Got your chosen icons downloaded? Great. On to the next step.

Login to your Moonfruit site editor and click on ‘Insert’ > ‘Images’ > ‘Upload’. You’ll then be able to navigate to the folder you downloaded and select which icons you want to add to your website. Click ‘Upload’ and then click ‘Use this’.

screenshot for adding icons with red boxes

The icons should appear on the page you’re currently editing. Position them wherever you like, using the ‘Align’ tool for assistance (click ‘Edit’ > ‘Align’).

You’ll then need to insert the URL that each icon links to. To do this, select each icon individually, and click on the ‘Link’ tab on the editor tool box. Click on the globe icon and enter the URL of the website each icon should redirect to when clicked. Click ‘Apply’. Remember to save all changes.

editing url

There you have it! Unique social media icons, no design experience needed.


Do you know a site that offers great social media icons? Share it in the comments below.


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