Did you know… You can migrate your v5 site to our latest v6 software?


If you haven’t already done it, have a think about it. There are big benefits to migrating your v5 website to our latest v6 software, not least that your site will look better on mobiles and tablets.

Before going ahead, there are a few things you need to consider. Migration is a one-way process – so you won’t be able to revert back to your v5 site. And not all v5 features are available in v6.

You can find the full details over on our forum, but here’s a brief overview.

You’ll have to do a bit of editing and reformatting once you’ve migrated. Flash (v5) and HTML5 (v6) are completely different technologies, so a perfect transition from one to the other is impossible without a little TLC post-migration. Your menu, for example, may look a little different and need correcting. The software will automatically select the closest default menu and you’ll need to rearrange it as it was before.

If you have any of these features on your v5 site, they won’t migrate to your v6 site:

  • Membership (this isn’t available in v6, but site admins are available)
  • Form (this is available in v6, but you’ll need to create a new form as it’s a different form)
  • Slideshow (this isn’t available in v6, but you can add a new one using a widget like Bannersnack)
  • Pop-up gallery (not available in v6)


Don’t worry though – you’ll be able to preview how your migrated site will look before you go ahead and do it, and make sure you have enough space on your account. If you do decide to go ahead with it, you should make a copy of your site before migrating as there is no way back…

Anyway, we just wanted to remind you that the migrate feature is there, ready and waiting. Your tablet-friendly site awaits.


Good luck!


Vicki Shiel
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2 Responses to “Did you know… You can migrate your v5 site to our latest v6 software?”

  1. sue cooke

    Thank you for the info regarding V.6. I have been worrying about how my website looks on the mobile devices. (not very good). I do not have a clue how to do it and do not want to get into a bad situation while trying. Would you be able to provide a service to do it for me???? Please? I do not know anyone else I can ask.

    Thanks Sue p.s I have a website but you want the URL and I don’t know it.


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