London DevOps Exchange event at Moonfruit HQ

DevOps Exchange at Moonfruit

Last week Moonfruit played host to the latest meeting of the London DevOps Exchange group at our office in London’s Soho (or Noho, to be precise). What’s DevOps, you say? Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about it: DevOps is a method of developing software that stresses collaboration and integration between developers and operations teams with the aim of more rapidly creating software products and services.

Here one of our latest recruits, Nic Walker of the SysOps team, provides a nice little round-up of proceedings. Over to Nic…

The DevOps Exchange Meetup group is the largest DevOps-focused Meetup in Europe and brings together technologists from around the capital to listen to a selection of speakers. Topics for the the meetings have ranged from the highly technical to the conceptual, and this week we heard from three speakers on how modern DevOps approaches can be used to bring about improvements in the way technology teams deliver their work.

DevOps Exchange at Moonfruit

Our first speaker was Nathan Fisher from Maxymiser. Nathan has a long history in technology working across many different technology functions and spoke from this varied perspective about the organisational changes needed to make the most of the modern IT landscape.

Second up was Matthew Skelton from Skelton Thatcher Consulting who spoke on the topic of the tools we use in DevOps and how to select these to best fit your organisation’s needs. Our third speaker was Steven Thair from DevOps Guys who gave us an insight into how product design is being affected by a rapidly changing cloud-based, mobile focused world.

DevOps event at Moonfruit

The team here were greatly enthused by what we heard and would like to thank the organisers of the London DevOps Exchange group for bringing the meeting to Moonfruit. It was a wonderful chance to meet and engage with other technologists working in an exciting space. We were also happy to be able to give a space (and pizza!) to a community whose ideas and practice will continue to shape the future of technology.

If you’re interested in getting involved in the group, you can read more on their Meetup page or follow the conversation on Twitter using the DOXLON hashtag

Flowers in the meeting room at Moonfruit HQ


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