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It’s been over 2 years since we moved into our new office, which we’re already growing out of, but we thought it might be nice to share a little more about the Moonfruit team and what we get up to day to day.

Our UK office is based in central London, surrounded by lots of fashion wholesale businesses which means you either bump into large card board boxes or fashion models depending on the luck of the draw.

The office is a large loft and is light and airy, you do need to be careful though climbing our stairs as one step’s higher than the others, an initiative test designed to weed out the less dexterous.

We share the office with our sister company They sell domain names and hosting services and have a large and loyal following in France. Like Moonfruit they believe in providing tools for people to own and manage their online presence: business, profile or project

We spend a lot of time talking to the Gandi team in France. They’re based in Paris and every two weeks we get on the Eurostar, arrive in Nation and grab a pain au raison from a boulangerie in Boulevard Voltaire (exceptional) which sets us up nicely to make good stuff happen on our joint projects.

The hot topic in the office at the moment is of course the ‘credit crunch’ and looming recession. Interestingly as both companies started in 1999, the majority of us survived, in one form or another, the tech market crash in 2001. Did we actually learn anything? Hindsight of course is a marvelous thing but in difficult times it’s hard to see the woods from the trees.

A humble summary of our thoughts: The belt tightening and re-establishing of discipline that happens in a down turn is good if painful. It is a chance to get real, re-think and re-build a business which is sustainable. A business is a long term prospect, it’s about stewardship and growth, it’s about real jobs, having a purpose you believe in and exceeding customers needs and expectations. Most importantly, it’s about balancing this with the rest of your life, so you have the resources to play a long term game. This won’t happen if we burn out at work, neglect those at home or never enjoy our other passions in life.

Meet some of the team:

Managing Director of Moonfruit, peacemaker and red Thai curry enthusiast. Sang in a band called ‘Sexual Chocolate’

Oversee software development schedules, prioritisation and methodology as well as IT operations. He can turn his tongue completely over.

Manages UK marketing and external communications, mostly interrupts people in the office to ask random questions. Dreams about being on Strictly Come Dancing

Worker of dark arts of Perl, and keeps our site building tool talking politely to our database. Plays video games with his children and likes to rant on forums.

Expertly soothes customers and maintains an unhealthy interest in zombie movies. The first single and album he bought were both by Kylie Minogue.

He’s the devil in the detail. Always willing to get into even the nastiest of old code and tidy it up. Plays a fiddle for Morris men.

Talks about designing interfaces, codes the bits you don’t see, imparts knowledge about HTML, CSS and other black arts. Plans to live in a base on Mars, only after he’s finished building a moon laser.

Looks after the day to day support issues and corrects grammar on our website. He’s an ex-school teacher and father of one of the other team members.

Architect of the SiteMaker database and all things data-ry. Owns many copies of the childrens book ‘The Gruffalo’

Ian C
Technical support and admin, part-time Sith Lord and keen ‘Texas Hold Em’ player. The UK’s answer to Shaft.

Ian T
Makes the magic happen, creates bugs, talks VERY LOUDLY. Once shared the red carpet with Jackie Chan

Looks after computers, he gets more text messages from the servers than from his friends. Once abseiled from the top of Canary Warf tower to the look of utter shock from the people inside.

Designs stuff, and make lots of tea. In the remote hills of Sulawesi, in front of hundreds of villagers, the local witch doctor asked him to sacrifice two chickens as an offering to the gods of the forest. Would also love to design and publish a book.

Develops the front-end and new features. Met Uncle Phil (James Avery) from Fresh Prince of Bel Air in 1995 on school trip to Kew Gardens, wished it was Will Smith at the time, but hey.

Deals with the difficult support issues. Wants to take part in one of the cooking programs on television.

Manages product and customer support, fire warden, first-aider, office antipodean and puts out the rubbish and recycling. Hitch hiked from Istanbul to London and 6 months later from Darwin to Brisbane


Vicki Shiel
Editor at Moonfruit. Likes food and smoothies.

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