Moonfruit Update – 18 February 2016

Moonfruit Update

What we’ve been up to

Over the past 18 months we’ve been going through some big changes. We’ve been working incredibly hard behind the scenes, but we know you haven’t really been able to see the benefit of those changes yet. That’s all about to change. Before we go into what’s coming up and what’s going to be different, we wanted to explain what we’ve been up to.

As some of you will know, Moonfruit has been around a really long time, especially for a digital business. The early versions of Moonfruit had to be installed using a CD – that’s how old we are! As you might expect, because we’ve been around for so long our software was based on a lot of old technology. Whilst that technology had been bravely struggling away behind the scenes trying to keep up, it was always going to need to be replaced eventually.

The past 18 months has all been about laying new foundations for our future. It was hard work and we know nothing much shows above the ground yet, but because we’ve done this work we’re now in a position where we can start building on those foundations and rapidly deliver the improvements you want. We really believe we have entered 2016 in the strongest position we’ve been in for a long time. We appreciate the loyalty, patience and support you’ve shown us, and we can now start delivering you the things you really want.

What now?

It wasn’t just our technology that needed updating, we also wanted to make changes to the way we worked. Whilst we were laying our new foundations, we were listening to the things you wanted us to do differently because we knew we needed to improve. After listening to feedback from lots of difference sources, here are some changes you’re going to see over the next few months.


Without a doubt the thing we’ve heard most is that you’d like us to be more open about our plans. Historically we know we haven’t been very good at this. We’re going to be far more transparent from now on. We’ve created a new Feature Request forum which not only shows you the features we’re working on or have planned, but also allows you to have a say. You can add comments, vote for specific features to be moved up the Roadmap, or request new features we haven’t thought of yet.
You can find this in our help centre, and we will be regularly adding comments to keep you updated on how things are going. Each Feature Request has a status, and we’ll add comments to give more information as well.

Regular Software Updates

With our focus being largely on behind the scenes services recently, it’s not a surprise that lots of you shared a concern that we weren’t updating the software regularly enough. Believe it or not we actually released more software updates in 2015 than in any previous year, but in 2016 we’ve committed to ensuring that these updates will deliver tangible benefits to you, rather than solely behind the scenes changes.
Throughout 2016 we have committed to releasing an update at least once a month that includes new or improved features you can use.

Features like…Responsive Pages

The ability to add Responsive Pages has been by far the most requested feature and we’re happy to say we are already working on it. You can track how we’re progressing with this in the Feature Request forum. This means that very soon you’ll be able to add pages to your website that will display on all devices without you creating specific views.

And we’re still working behind the scenes

As some of you will be aware, the Moonfruit editor is based in Flash. Flash was the absolute best technology to use back when we started, but there are better options available now and it’s time for us to move to these new technologies.
We’ve already started the work, and it will be ongoing throughout the year. The important information you need though is that you won’t need to do anything. There will be no migration or upgrade that you need to carry out, and you won’t need to rebuild your site.

And finally…

As most of you will be aware, in late December we were the victim of a serious DDoS attack which severely disrupted our services. During this time, we were truly blown away by the support and positivity we received. We had so many messages of understanding and encouragement, and when most of us hadn’t slept for 40 hours straight trying to get things working again, those messages really helped keep us going.

Thank you so much, it really meant the world to us and now more than ever we’re determined to deliver you the fantastic service you deserve.


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