The right tools for the job: Taking a look at Moonfruit’s key features

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So, what does it take to make your website fantastic?

Be a programming genius? Mad design skills? Maybe rob a bank and pay someone else to do it?

Nah. All you need is a great idea, a can-do attitude and of course the right tools for the job.

Here at Moonfruit we arm you with a plethora of easy-to-use features and apps for your online adventures. From the shop and blog to contact forms and add-ons like YouTube videos, image tools and Google Maps.

Here’s a breakdown of just some of the tools you could be putting to good use. Take a deep breath now…

The Shop


Our ShopBuilder allows you to quickly create and manage an online shop right from within your website. Add products and images, create shopping carts and promote your items on Facebook and Twitter, making sure your products reach the widest audience possible.



Ready to take the world of blogging by storm? Well, now you can post, edit and manage a blog through your site too. It’s never been easier to share your thoughts, images, and videos with the world.

Contact form


Set up and customise contact forms so that visitors can submit information, send files or just tell you how ace you are. And there’s a full range of text fields, radio buttons, and drop-down boxes to play around with.

Rulers and Guidelines


Align your content perfectly with our rulers and guidelines feature. This great addition makes designing your page layout easier, quicker and much more professional. It lets you drag and drop multiple guidelines and ‘snap’ any object into position. So, say you have several text boxes on the page and want them all to line up; you can use the guidelines to make sure they all have the same starting point. That’s it. Simple but incredibly useful for design.

Image gallery




Upload and organise your images with interactive galleries, so visitors can browse through your pics at leisure.


Just add them to a page and drag ‘n’ drop into position.

Domain and email

Yep. Subscribe to our Standard package or above and you’ll land yourself a free domain name and email account. What’s even better, we’ll give you a free voucher to renew the domain every year you’re with us.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Track how many people visit your site, where they live, how long they spend on a given page and what pages they prefer, among heaps of other things.



HTML Snippet Widget

Our HTML Snippet widget is a tool that allows you to paste HTML code into the pages of your website. This gives you the flexibility to use a wide range of features from a huge selection of third party suppliers.


Everything from image galleries, to calendars, polls and flip books.


Here’s just a taste of what you can achieve…


SoundCloud is the world’s leading social sound platform that lets you create and add playlists to your website. Accessible from PC, Mac, iPhone and Android, you can also share your musical tastes through your social feeds.





Create slideshows, albums and portfolios with this great and easy to use app. Upload your own images and have an interactive album working on your site in a matter of minutes. Like SoundCloud, you can share your masterpieces through your social channels too.

Flickr Slideshow

Or how about using Flickr for your slideshow? Just as quick and easy to use but a handy alternative if you already have an account with them. flickr


youtube 2

Yay. Purveyor of countless funny cat videos and instigator of procrastination, the world’s favourite video host is also one of the treats found in our tool box.



Take bookings through your website with this easy-to-use scheduling feature. You can even customise the appearance of the booking form so it matches your page design.

Twitter feed

Embed your twittering’s into the pages of your website with an automatically updated feed. social

Facebook feed

More social interaction via Facebook’s ‘Like Box’. So any status updates you post on your Facebook page will automatically appear on your site too.

Google Maps

maps Map out your location and help people find you through Google’s famous feature.

Google Calendar

Plan out your appointments, bookings and events with Google’s handy online calendar.


Poll Daddy

Want to run a poll or survey on your website? How about a quiz? Well, lucky for you there’s ‘Poll Daddy’. Yep, the Internet’s most popular and easy-to-use survey tool is totally compatible with your Moonfruit website too.

poll Text Fixer

Generate tables and bring order to unruly data with Text Fixer. Fixer let’s you choose from a variety of sizes and let’s you customise the visual look of any table you create. table

…And much more. Don’t take our word for it though, if you haven’t set up a site yet you can still take a look yourself with a free 14 day trial.

Andy Siddons
Content Writer

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2 Responses to “The right tools for the job: Taking a look at Moonfruit’s key features”

  1. Michael Hippisley

    I’ve been looking everywhere for BILLING as I want to alter my debit card details. Can you help?

    • Amita Parikh

      Hi Michael,

      Sorry for the delay. Have you gotten in touch with our support team? They should be able to help with this. For future reference, the ‘Billing’ section can be found by logging into your Moonfruit account, clicking on the top right ‘Account’ button. A drop down menu should appear – you should see an option that says ‘Billing’. Click that and you’ll be able to change your details if you haven’t already.


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