Domain registrations: Nominet’s new data policy


Important changes to domain registrations this month, as Nominet introduces a new Data Quality Policy…

For anyone who doesn’t know, Nominet are the domain registry for .uk domain names and manage all domains ending with that tld (‘top level domain’ e.g. .uk, .com, .org, .net).

So, when you buy a .uk domain name from a re-seller or domain name provider, they register the domain and the data used to place the order with Nominet.
However, as of this month, Nominet will be enforcing a policy to validate all data (names, addresses and contact details) used to register a domain or make amendments to an existing license.

Complete and accurate registration details are a legal requirement and if Nominet are not able to validate the accuracy of the data provided, then the domain registration cannot be completed.

What happens to a domain order that fails validation?

Don’t panic. If you buy a domain through us and it can’t be validated by Nominet, then we will get in touch with you to check your information and then resubmit the order.

However, if we don’t hear back from you within 30 days, all domain orders will be locked. More importantly, if the information is still not validated after 60 days, then your domain order will be deleted.

Note: This deletion process will come into effect from September 2014.

How to avoid any issues:

When filling out your contact details during registration, please ensure that the information entered is accurate and in the following format:

Registrant Name (first + last name)

  • A valid, registrant name (your name) must be used
  • The name must contain at least 4 characters and of these, 3 or more must be letters.

Address Format

  • Your street name must contain non-numeric information (not just a number)
  • Your town or city
  • Your country
  • Your Post Code (where applicable for that country)

Phone Number Format

  • A phone number must be supplied, and must be in the following format:
  • Begin the number with a “+”
  • Followed with a country code e.g. +44, +33, +1)
  • And the actual digits after country code (without any initial ‘0’)

Email Format

  • Must contain an’@’
  • End with a valid TLD (Top Level Domain) e.g., .com
  • Contain at least one character before the “@”
  • Must not have any trailing or leading spaces

As always, if you have any trouble registering your domain with us, then do get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

If you would like to read more information about the new policy you can download a .pdf about it here or find out more information from the Nominet website.

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