Meet the man who quit sales in the City for sweeping chimneys

Ever wondered what it’d be like to be your own boss? Former salesman Jonathan Miles chucked in the long office hours working for big firms to start his own business as a chimney sweep.

What’s stopping you?

Whether stuck in traffic on your way to a meeting, face rammed in the armpit of another passenger, embittered by the latest train delay or slogging at an unfulfilling project, many of us think about starting our own company.

Jonathan Miles is one of the many who has turned away from the rat race to an empowered life in self employment. He now spends less time travelling (and working) and more time with his family. Watch our video to see his journey and read more about his business on his website.

But not everyone needs such a road to Damascus. Many look for new challenges in their spare time every day.

Visit our main site; a Moonfruit website may be able to help you with yours.

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      • Mark

        Thanks for the feedback Marcel.
        We wanted a clean website to reflect how to try to keep soot free! I’m sure Jonathan knows the feeling! 😉


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