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Rosablue website - gifts and homeware

Rosablue is a homeware shop in Cheltenham that sells quality handmade originals. The site stood out to us for its huge array of unique products, all of which are made to order and fully customisable.

Rosablue gifts and homeware

Luca and Penelope are the husband and wife team behind Rosablue. They decided to take the plunge and set up shop when they’d had enough of the daily commute and realised that by joining creative forces they could build a new business.

Both have a background in design, albeit of quite different kinds; Luca in magazines, newspapers and websites, and Penelope in crafts, home accessories and clothing. Luca now designs and prints all the cotton for the products and Penelope focuses on the ‘crafting, buying and deciding’.

Rosablue gifts and homeware

They made the move to Moonfruit after having used an alternative web builder, because they felt that they needed a more streamlined, contemporary design and to make their site accessible on as many platforms as possible, including mobile.

By placing the shop on the Rosablue homepage, it immediately draws customers to the wonderful selection of products, and the range of items available is impressive too, especially when you consider that each item is made by hand and to order.

Rosablue gifts, fabric and homeware

The composition of the product photography helps put the different pieces in context with certain items placed in real-life settings, such as; deckchairs in the garden, aprons modelled by people and bags found hanging off bicycles – letting potential customers visualise how they might use the different products.

Having a big inventory can sometimes mean individual items get lost, but the team’s intuitively-arranged category list allows you to browse with ease.

Clicking on an item leads you to a detailed description, including sizing and the option to personalise items by adding names and dates or even choosing which fabric you want it to come in – the choice is staggering.

Over to Luca, co-founder of Rosablue

What were you aiming for with your design and how easy did you find the process?

‘I wanted the design to be quick and easy-peasy to use, and available on mobile. The design process was straight forward – I knew precisely what I wanted and just tweaked bits of the template to add a personal touch, such as the copy lines in faux handwriting, etc.

Have you created anything bespoke?

‘Yes, all of my contact forms are home-made.’

Can you tell us more about the design process behind your products?

‘I design the cotton patterns and print the fabric in-house. Penelope and her team design and manufacture the products in-house too. You can order any of our items in any of our patterns – we don’t hold stock, so whatever you order is printed and made on-demand.

What are your top-selling products?

Tea towels, cushions, wash bags and draught excluders.

Have you been mentioned in the press at all?

‘We don’t have a marketing budget but every now and then we are written about – The Times once selected one of our deckchair designs in their top five for the summer season, and The Independent, Country Living, Homes & Gardens and more have featured our products at one time or another.’

What are visitor’s responses to your website?

‘Excellent. But in fairness you only hear the good bits, and I happen to think our customers may be unusually nice.’

Finally, can you sum up your experience with Moonfruit in five words?

‘Straight-forward, friendly and wonderfully affordable!’

Visit Luca and Penelope’s site at, you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter, Penelope and Luca have their own accounts so you can choose who you follow. (We’re following both!)

As well as having their online shop, you can visit the Rosablue little duck-egg blue shop in Cheltenham which sells all the items on their website, plus more.

What do you make of Rosablue’s website? Do you have any questions for the team?

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